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May 20, 2013

Sev­eral weeks ago while stay­ing at Ronda’s and play­ing in her awe­some stu­dio, as I looked around I noticed lots of sim­i­lar­i­ties in the way we dec­o­rate and the prod­ucts we use to cre­ate. Even though our styles are quite dif­fer­ent we do have a love for sim­i­lar things. So while I was notic­ing all the sim­i­lar­i­ties I started snap­ping pho­tos to show you how two totally dif­fer­ent artists (I’m a vin­tage neu­tral girl and she is a wildly col­or­ful sten­cil girl) can be such great friends.

Studio Comparing Buttons

Ronda uses col­ored but­tons in her art and has them sorted and lined up in rain­bow order neatly on a shelf were as I use mostly clear or neu­tral col­ored but­tons and have jars placed here and there in my studio.

Studio Comparing Pins

Ronda has some of her favorite Trin­ket Pins placed a pin cush­ion made from a vin­tage cup and saucer. I have my favorite Trin­ket Pins placed in a pin cush­ion made from a vin­tage planter.

Studio Comparing Decor

Ronda has vin­tage and non-vintage trea­sures ran­domly placed on shelves. I have vin­tage and non-vintage items scat­tered all around my studio.

Studio Comparing Aprons

Ronda hangs her aprons on the wall, mine hangs on a chair. Ronda wears a full apron. I wear a half apron. She is messy. I am not.

Studio Comparing Typewriters

We both have an Under­wood type­writer. Mine is black and Ronda’s is red. I laughed when I saw her type­writer as it just con­firmed even more how she is all color and I’m all neu­tral. We stay true to our style even with typewriters.

Studio Comparing Glitter

We both use glass glit­ter and have them stored in salt and pep­per shak­ers. You can see who uses glass glit­ter the most.

Studio Comparing Supplies

We both use Stick­les, Alco­hol Inks and Adiron­dack Paint Dab­bers although she has hers neatly lined up on shelves and I have mine tossed in draw­ers. I found this inter­est­ing since she is such a messy artist (has mists fly­ing all over) and I’m a very clean artist. We cer­tainly swapped the neat and tidy when it came to storage.

Studio Comparing Trims

We both keep our trims on a shelf. I usu­ally go for vin­tage cream col­ored trim. Ronda goes for white so she can cre­ate the color trim she wants with mists, paints and inks.

Ronda's Window

Ronda’s win­dows have shades and can be opened to let the cool Col­orado air inside.

My window

My win­dow has lace cur­tains and win­dows that never open because all that would enter is hot Texas air and bugs.  Oh how I envy her liv­ing in Col­orado. 


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  • Theresa G.

    I have to tell you that I really enjoy see­ing your stu­dio com­pared to Ronda’s! I find it so enjoy­able to see other people’s cre­ative spaces!! Your com­par­i­son is fun. Thanks!

  • emily pitts

    I love read­ing through this, so inter­est­ing to see the similarities!