Creative Weekend at Rocky Mountain Memories

May 1, 2013

Fri­day after­noon, I taught the After­noon Tea class, which was loads of fun. Every­one cre­at­ed a mini album and cuff. The one thing I tru­ly love about teach­ing is even though every­one has the same sup­plies and prod­ucts, no two fin­ished projects ever look the same. Each per­son incor­po­rates their own lit­tle flare and style to their pieces. Teach­ing is one of my favorite things to do and being able to teach at such a won­der­ful­ly awe­some store with super friend­ly peo­ple makes it even more fun.

Afternoon Tea ~ RMM

everyone busy at work

In the “After­noon Tea” class every­one was hand stitch­ing, stamp­ing, sten­cil­ing, ink­ing, paint­ing, glu­ing and met­al stamp­ing. And in all the excite­ment I com­plete­ly for­got to get pho­tos of their fin­ished projects. Such a bum­mer as each mini album and cuff were gor­geous and so unique.

Stacy is a hoot!

There were so many laughs dur­ing both class­es and most of them came from com­ments made by Sta­cy. The first fun­ny quote was Fri­day, after­noon when Sta­cy said,  “Lisa needs an inter­preter for squir­rel.” This came because I get so excit­ed teach­ing and when this hap­pens I talk real­ly real­ly fast because one, I don’t want to for­get what I want to tell them and two, I want to share as many tips as I can dur­ing class and Cheryl did the best imper­son­ation of me. She had all my man­ner­isms and fast talk­ing down to a “t” it was so fun­ny!

Demo & Make n Takes

After a won­der­ful din­ner Fri­day night, at Mama Rose’s Restau­rant with Cheryl, Rick and a group of ladies in class we head­ed back to Rocky Moun­tain Mem­o­ries for a fun filled evening of make n takes and demos. Ron­da and I shared all kinds of tips and ideas on what you could do with chip­board embell­ish­ments, can­vas tags, kraft tags, fab­ric tape, twine cord­ing, wood embell­ish­ments, rib­bon and trims, paint, alco­hol inks, stamps, mists and more… seri­ous­ly we had a cre­ative fren­zy of fun for two sol­id hours.

Demo & Make n Takes

Cheryl, Me, Ronda & Suzanne

These two ladies were such a delight to chat with, Cheryl (good Cheryl as she is called or calls her­self I’m not sure which) was so fun­ny. She too has a fun­ny sto­ry about spanx so you can imag­ine the laugh­ter that was going on after Ron­da and I shared our fun­ny sto­ries. We all have giv­en up on spanx. After tak­ing pho­tos Ron­da and I head­ed back to “Redemp­tion Cab­in” and pret­ty much passed out. That lit­tle cab­in is a slice of heav­en… quaint and cozy.

Rocky & Bullwinkle

Sat­ur­day morn­ing, Ron­da and I once again doc­u­ment­ed our stay and head­ed to RMM for day two of teach­ing. This class was the Flo­ral Chic Flower Tech­nique Card Class. They cre­at­ed with vin­tage images from papers I’ve been col­lect­ing, sten­ciled over them using inks and paint then cre­at­ed flow­ers using alter­able trim, zip­per trim, tulle, tu-tu tulle, lace and fab­ric yo yo’s cre­at­ed by my mom.

Sta­cy was on it again with anoth­er awe­some quote, which gave me some great ammo to use on Ron­da. But first you all need to know that my nick­name is squir­rel because I talk real­ly fast, get eas­i­ly side tracked and will run off to help some­one and for­get to fin­ish my sen­tence. So hon­est­ly I earned the name and rep­re­sent it oh so well. And I fig­ure I might as well laugh and make the best of it because it is what it is… right. And because of this love­ly nick­name I now have a grow­ing minia­ture ceram­ic squir­rel col­lec­tion as well as acorn and squir­rel charms that have been giv­en to me by won­der­ful friends. The lit­tle cutie below is one Ron­da found for me while we were shop­ping in Estes Park. It’s Lomonosov Porce­lain which is hand cast, hand paint­ed and I LOVE it!


So back to Sta­cy, (are you kin­da under­stand­ing why my nick­name is squir­rel) Sat­ur­day morn­ing, Sta­cy asked me this awe­some ques­tion, “Lisa who is Rocky the squir­rel’s com­pan­ion? To which I replied BULLWINKLE” so now Ron­da and I are known as Rocky and Bull­win­kle. We’ve laughed so hard over our new nick­names. The name fits Ron­da real­ly well because she can do the best Bull­win­kle voice. I would nev­er ever do that because I would be so embar­rassed and have to hide under a rock or more appro­pri­ate­ly in a tree.

Floral Chic Card Class

Dur­ing this class I remem­bered to take pho­tos while they were cre­at­ing and of some of the com­plet­ed card sets. I loved see­ing how dif­fer­ent each of them turned out.


Stamping & painting

Stenciling with inks

Stenciling with paint

A few completed cards

A few more completed cards

Once every one fin­ished their cards I signed a few remain­ing books Cheryl had in her store then took good- bye pho­tos with her and Susan. I will tru­ly l miss this store and all the awe­some peo­ple so much. I hope to return again.

Book Signing

Cheryl & Me ~ I will be back

Me & Susan

Hugs to you all and thank you for mak­ing me feel so at home in your amaz­ing town.

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