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May 3, 2013

Ronda at work

After teach­ing at Cheryl’s awe­some store Rocky Moun­tain Mem­o­ries, Ron­da and I had a few days of cre­ative play and a day of major thrift­ing and antiquing. Oh my good­ness did we ever find amaz­ing items that I can­not wait to show you but that is for anoth­er day. Today, is all about cre­ative play. It amus­es me that Ron­da and I like most of the same prod­ucts just in dif­fer­ent col­ors. The one thing that we are way oppo­site on are the liq­uid prod­ucts… sprays, mists, paints etc. I like these but use them in a far more con­trolled man­ner. But Ron­da… not Ron­da she has mists and paints fly­ing all over the place and pur­chas­es Ges­so by the gal­lon.

I had to snap the above pho­to of her work­ing as it real­ly amused me. Her hands had ges­so, paint and mist all over them… mine, well not so much… EVER!  So while she was get­ting messy at one end of her work­table I was sit­ting at the oth­er end learn­ing and prac­tic­ing stamp carv­ing. I’ve always want­ed to try this so Ron­da gave me some tips and point­ers and pret­ty much told me to get start­ed.

Stamp Carving

Stamp carv­ing is super fun and real­ly easy for begin­ners. In the above pho­to I was carv­ing a lit­tle girl hold­ing a bal­loon. She came out so cute and I can’t wait to show you. The lit­tle girl image was on a card Ron­da has hang­ing on this super cool gate in her stu­dio. The lit­tle birdie stamp is one I drew free­hand and carved. Ron­da took the stamp, col­ored all over it with Dis­tress Inks and mist­ed it with water so when stamped, it looked like water­col­or. She did this because I did­n’t like the wing and was about to toss it in the trash. She thought stamp­ing it would make me like it bet­ter but I got news for her… that over carved spot on the wing still bugs me. I’m going to try to embrace the imper­fec­tion and do some­thing to it to make me like it more.

Little Birdie


I see lots more stamp carv­ing in my future. Give it a try. I think you’ll love it.


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