Hemp & Vintage Button Bracelet

Apr 18, 2013

New favorite bracelet

This is my new favorite bracelet. I plan on wear­ing it every sin­gle day. If you want to make one it’s super sim­ple. All you need is Daz­zle-It Hemp and 10 vin­tage shell but­tons (3 small, 3 medi­um, 4 large) and a pair of scis­sors.

Hemp & Vintage Button Bracelet

The first thing you need to do is mea­sure your wrist, then dou­ble the length and this is how long you need to cut 5 strands of hemp. Hold the strands even­ly at one end, cre­ate a loop and secure it in place with a knot as shown above. Note: This loop needs to be large enough so one of the larg­er but­tons will go through it. This bracelet will have a tog­gle style clo­sure.

Now thread one but­ton onto three dif­fer­ent strands of hemp, leav­ing two strands plain. Once all three (1 small, 1 medi­um, 1 large) but­tons are strung onto the hemp secure them in place with a knot as shown below. Con­tin­ue thread­ing the remain­ing but­tons 2 sets of small, medi­um, large but­tons fol­low­ing the same steps as just stat­ed.

Thread the last large but­ton onto one strand of hemp and secure it in place by tight­ly knot­ting the strands togeth­er as close to the large but­ton as pos­si­ble. Using scis­sors, trim the remain­ing hemp strands to desired length.

Bracelet Closure

That’s all there is to it… loop, knot, thread, knot, thread, knot, thread, knot , thread, knot, trim. Ok, get to it and start mak­ing your own bracelet. I promise it is super fun.


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