Studio Makeover

Mar 21, 2013

Oh my good­ness… yes­ter­day, I start­ed the big switch a roo. I’m mov­ing my stu­dio from one room of our house to the front much larg­er room of our house. The front room has the most amaz­ing light and it lasts all day long. But let me tell ya, I can­not wait to have this task com­plet­ed. When I went to bed last night, I was hop­ing my fairy god­moth­er would show up and fin­ish it all but nope… she must have been busy help­ing some­one else. Although, I pret­ty much have as close to a fairy god­moth­er as I’m going to get. My neigh­bor Jen­nifer is so awe­some. She is the best cheer­leader, always pos­i­tive, every­thing is fun and when I’m purg­ing out my stu­dio I just walk a few feet and dump it all on her front door. Just like that all my cares and wor­ries are gone.

So here is a lit­tle video of the front room Before the makeover. See how awe­some the light­ing is in this room. I just love it.


I made these lamp­shades years ago and I’m so glad I did not get rid of them. They are per­fect in this room which is a mix of funky, vin­tage and clas­sic styles. I’m a firm believ­er that if you like some­thing no mat­ter the style get it because usu­al­ly you stay in the same col­or scheme so it all match­es. It’s crazy how it works out but you will see it’s true when you look at these pho­tos. So notice the col­ors in the lamp­shades and even though they are kin­da funky well the col­ors are all through­out my room so they work per­fect­ly.

Classic Chair with vintage finds

This com­fy spot is where I will take all the pho­tos for my blog and such. Notice the clas­sic navy blue and cream stripes in the chair. The lamp­shades have the same col­ors. So the clas­sic and funky works. I placed a vin­tage suit­case next to the chair for two rea­sons. 1) I like the feel it gives to the room. It makes me think of some­one sit­ting in the chair wait­ing for their ride to come for dis­tant trav­els. 2) The suit­case is wide enough that I can set a drink on it and works per­fect­ly as a lit­tle side table.

Pie crust table and vintage finds

Then in the win­dow I placed some old bot­tles that my cousin Con­nie and I dug out from under­neath one of the old build­ings at the old home­stead in Buck­han­non, WV. So when I look at these I think of her and all the fun I have now and when I was a child in WV. The table is an old I think they call it pie crust table. The rim of the table is shaped just like a pie crust. I will use this table to take pho­tos. Notice the col­or of the pie safe piece. Again, the blue is in the lamp­shades so the funky works with vin­tage as well.

Shelving Unit

I was thrilled with how well this unit fit into the nook in this room. I was not thrilled with how heavy it was and emp­ty­ing out all that stuff but once every­thing was in place it was time for the hap­py dance and a few ibupro­fen. Gosh, my back is sore today. You can see my trea­sured Sketchy Doll sit­ting on top. That doll gives me so much joy!!! I’m going to hang a long cur­tain rod across the top and have what I’m hop­ing are some cool patch­work pieces for cur­tains. If not, I will make my own because now that I have a visu­al of what I want I’m not going to be able to set­tle for any­thing else. The table and chairs set you see were my great grand­moth­er’s. The set is over 100 years old and is now my new work­table. To pro­tect it I’m going to cov­er the top of the table with a vin­tage table­cloth.

My view

When I’m sit­ting at my work­table, the big shelv­ing unit will be behind me and this will be my view. The real­ly fun thing is rab­bits usu­al­ly have baby bun­nies hid­ing in the bush­es in front of the win­dow. It’s so fun watch­ing them hop around play­ing. I could watch them for hours. And I have a blue-jay and mock­ing­bird that guard a bird­bath there are well. These two do not play nice­ly togeth­er at all. They dive bomb each oth­er and take watch on one of the gut­ters above. I love nature so this is going to be fun watch­ing all day every­day. I do want to find some sheer cur­tains that  hit just above the old bot­tles and would be ever so hap­py if they had a scal­lop lace bot­tom. I know, I’m real­ly push­ing it here but it could hap­pen. I just want to cre­ate the feel­ing of an old vin­tage home even if I’m in the city.

Left half of the room

This is what the left half of the room looks like now. The curio cab­i­net that is peek­ing out on the right will be emp­tied and moved to our den. Then I will fill the entire length of the wall with shelv­ing units sim­i­lar to the one on shown. These units are just a bit short­er.

The room to the right

And here is what the room looks like on the right. Sor­ry the cam­era on my phone was not lik­ing the light­ing at all. I love the look and feel of this area. You can look at the Dur­ing the makeover video to see every­thing bet­ter. But as you can see I have an eclec­tic style going on here and it makes me so hap­py. So my one and only dec­o­rat­ing tip I will ever give is this… if you like it get it don’t wor­ry about the style, most like­ly you too will stay in the same col­or pal­let and it will all blend togeth­er nice­ly. Life is too short not to enjoy the things you love.

Today, Jen­nifer and I are hit­ting up IKEA for some stor­age ideas and hope­ful­ly solu­tions. Wish us luck.


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