Take Your Dog to Work Day

Mar 15, 2013

This morn­ing start­ed out with a Star­bucks stop and while Kristy and I were wait­ing for our cof­fee I noticed Star­bucks had a new cof­fee called Trib­ute Blend. After get­ting the low down on this new blend from the very infor­ma­tive cof­fee guy, which of course I can­not even remem­ber now due to the fact that I had zero caf­feine run­ning through my veins. But I am hap­py I was aware enough to snap a pho­to because after read­ing the lit­tle tag line under­neath the name of this new cof­fee blend I thought hey, this pret­ty much describes me with one sim­ple lit­tle word change…

Tribute Blend 2013

“Full-Bod­ied with Com­plex Dis­po­si­tion”  Gosh, I could real­ly have fun with this tag line.

Kristy and Lars

When we arrived at the pho­tog­ra­phy stu­dio “Lars” the cutest, sweet­est lit­tle dog was stand­ing just inside the door ready to greet us. His dad Phil a.k.a. the video guy brought him to work for the day. Lars is the coolest lit­tle dog. It was fun hear­ing the pit­ter pat­ter of his lit­tle feet on the floor through­out the day. He would come in and vis­it us off and on while mak­ing the rounds of the stu­dio check­ing to be sure all was safe. When the mail was deliv­ered he let us know there was some stranger dan­ger going on. This was the only time we heard him bark. He was pret­ty fond of Kristy because she would give him pop­corn when he came in to vis­it.

Me working on something fun for book 3

Kristy took this pho­to of me while I was prep­ping a piece for a step out. I’m telling you I am so excit­ed about Delight @#$%^ I can­not stand hav­ing to wait to share the name and the idea behind this book. It’s filled with so many won­der­ful­ly fun and dif­fer­ent tech­niques. And Kristy and I even have a lit­tle some­thing up our sleeves that I believe you all will love! More on that lat­er or should I say more like some­day. Ugh, wait­ing I’m so not good at wait­ing. I’m an instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion kin­da girl.

And one thing about my vis­its to Ohio is it’s so fun chat­ting with not only Kristy and Chris­tine but also with the “Design Staff” and “Sales Staff”. So much brain­storm­ing and dis­cus­sions go on which brings on more brain­storm­ing and more dis­cus­sions. I hon­est­ly LOVE the pub­li­ca­tion indus­try and I love being around so many cre­ative peo­ple. As I said in Delight In The Details… it tru­ly does take a vil­lage to cre­ate a book. This is not a one man team kin­da process. I rely on so many peo­ple at F+W Media to make my books suc­cess­ful and I lis­ten to what every sin­gle one of them has to say and offer. I’m tru­ly blessed to have such a sup­port­ive team stand­ing behind me help­ing me obtain my dream… my “Delight Tril­o­gy”.


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