DIY Yarn Bird Nest

Mar 4, 2013

As much as I love the win­ter I do have to admit I love cre­at­ing home decor items for spring. I can tell spring is on it’s way because  the still­ness of our win­ter morn­ings is being replaced with the chirp­ing of birds, yards in the neigh­bor­hood are turn­ing green and the land­scap­ing is start­ing to bud which means soon they will be in full bloom. So in hon­or of the fast approach­ing spring sea­son I thought I would cre­ate a sweet lit­tle bird’s nest from yarn. I still need to fin­ish dec­o­rat­ing mine but thought I would share with you how I cre­at­ed mine so you can get start­ed mak­ing yours.

Steps 1, 2 and 3

The process is pret­ty sim­ple. You will need yarn, cling wrap and a mold for your nest. I used a jel­lo mold for mine but you can use the bot­tom of a small glass or bowl. You will need a decoupage medi­um, I used Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage Mat­te, but you can use glue that has been watered down just a bit. I like Aleene’s Stiff­en Quick a lot so I applied a few sprays here and there as I was wrap­ping the yarn on the out­side. Once the nest was dry I applied a few sprays on the inside por­tion of the nest and let it dry.

  • First you will wrap your mold with cling wrap and push any excess cling wrap under­neath the mold.
  • With the yarn cre­ate a small flat cir­cle (not a ball) for the base of your nest. Using a paint brush apply some decoupage medi­um onto the top of the cling wrapped mold then place the small flat yarn cir­cle on top of the decoupage medi­um.
  • Con­tin­ue wrap­ping the yarn and apply­ing decoupage medi­um to the cling wrapped mold as you wrap your yarn. Once you get the entire mold wrapped with yarn using a paint brush apply a thin lay­er of decoupage medi­um and a few sprays of stiff­en quick on top of the yarn cov­er­ing the mold. Now begin wrap­ping the yarn on top of the first lay­er of yarn. This will give you a nest with two lay­ers of wrapped yarn.
  • Apply anoth­er thin lay­er of decoupage medi­um all over the wrapped yarn.
  • Set your nest aside and let the decoupage medi­um dry. You can use a heat gun to help quick­en the dry­ing process a bit but I would let it com­plete­ly dry overnight.
  • Here is a quick video to show you the items used and how your nest will look while it is dry­ing. Yarn Bird Nest Pt. 1

Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7

  • Once the yarn nest is dry turn the mold upside down and care­ful­ly sep­a­rate the mold from the clip wrap. 
  • Once the mold is removed gen­tly begin to peel the cling wrap from the nest. Do this very care­ful­ly. Once the cling wrap is removed, if the yarn that was direct­ly against the cling wrap is still a bit damp just use a heat gun to dry it com­plete­ly.
  • Now you have a yarn bird nest that is ready to be dec­o­rat­ed.
  • Here is a quick video of how you bird nest will look once dried. Yarn Bird Nest Pt. 2

I think these would look so cute sit­ting on your East­er table filled with can­dies. Once I have mine dec­o­rat­ed I’ll post a pho­to. Until then you all have some nests to cre­ate. Have fun.


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