DIY Super Easy Bead Charm

Mar 7, 2013

Bead Charm

Mak­ing a charm really can­not get much eas­ier than this one. I recently pur­chased Mar­got Potter’s 1 Pound Lux­ury Bead Soup Mix and as soon as Ans­ley saw the neon beads she instantly claimed them as hers. This bead mix is filled with all kinds of awe­some beads. When I poured all the beads onto my work table I was thrilled with the wide assortment.

Ans­ley decided she wanted a dou­ble sided charm so I placed the smaller of the neon beads on one side and once the Dia­mond Glaze is fully dried I will fill the back side of this charm with the larger neon beads shown above. To cre­ate this charm I used Dia­mond Glaze, Neon Beads, a sprin­kle of Iri­des­cent Glit­ter and a My Jew­elry Shoppe 3/4″ Cir­cle Dou­ble Sided Bezel pur­chased from Hobby Lobby.

All you need to do is place the beads inside the bezel, pour Dia­mond Glaze on top of the beads mak­ing sure to com­pletely cover the beads. Keep a pin handy to pop any bub­bles that occur. BUT in my case I LOVED the bub­ble clus­ter so much I left them there. I really wish I could recre­ate this bub­ble clus­ter again and again. Now if it were just one or two bub­bles that would bug the dick­ens out of me and I would have to pop them but there is just some­thing about this lit­tle clus­ter that I love. While the Dia­mond Glaze is still wet sprin­kle a bit of iri­des­cent glit­ter on top to add a lit­tle sparkle. It looks amazing.

Once the Dia­mond Glaze is fully dried turn the bezel over and repeat the same steps to fin­ish the back side of your charm. I’ve got my fin­gers crossed I can get another bub­ble clus­ter like the first one.

FYI… the rea­son my charm looks a bit cloudy is because the Dia­mond Glaze was not fully dried when I took the pho­tos. Once dry the Dia­mond Glaze will be crys­tal clear.


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