Delight In The Art of Collage

Mar 19, 2013

It’s the name of my new baby, book 3!!! I am so happy to finally be able to share the title AND a few sneak peeks from each chapter. I’ve worked my tail feathers off on this one as it really pushed me creatively into a new direction that I truly love. My editor Kristin Conlin was with me all the way on the crazy emotional roller coaster of writing and creating a book. Believe me it’s one long emotional roller coaster too. Some days I was nearly in tears, which I quickly told myself to suck it up buttercup, to being super happy from wonderful feedback she’d heard. It’s crazy.

Delight In The Art of Collage

Delight In The Art of Collage is a collection of Assemblage, Mixed Media, Techniques and Projects. As you know, I get bored easily and don’t like doing the same thing over and over and my books prove it. I try to fill each book with lots of different ideas that can be used several different ways and with any style. I really believe I accomplished this once again.

Last week, while visiting the photography studio in Ohio, Christine was taking photos of me recreating techniques for each project and Kristy was busy taking notes and jotting down tips we want included. Delight In The Art of Collage is going to be filled with not only lots of eye candy but also loads of useful information you can use and apply again and again to any project. Needless to say, I’m super super thrilled and cannot wait to see how the designers create the cover and design and layout this book. Of course it will have that vintage feel I love so much and I will once again tell a little bit about myself growing up as a child (hope you all are not getting tired of reading about my arty childhood) and will include a few family photos here and there. AHHH it’s all just so exciting.

Delight In The Art of Collage has four chapters… Paper, Metal, Textiles and Melt Art etc. I add the etc. because right now we are still working on the final name for this chapter. It has melt art techniques but also other mediums. It’s an awesome chapter. And while in Ohio, Kristy took one take type videos of technique tutorials and of me talking about and revealing a project from each chapter. I will post the videos as it gets closer to pre-order time (which is going to feel like forever) just to peek your interest about Delight In The Art of Collage even more.

I hope you like what you see so far.


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  • Kate

    I am getting excited about your new book. Sounds like its right up my alley. Hope you will be coming out with more antiquated stamps as well. I am dying to add on to my collection!

  • Richele Christensen

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see the new book!!!

  • Janice Burchell

    Greetings Ms. Lisa,
    Oh I have missed so much! Not much time for the PC as of late and I see so many BEAUTIFUL projects … I want to UTEE and learn how to use all this resin I have! So, SPRING! Spring is my favorite season, the birds start to sing again, the sun is shining, and the air starts to smell different. It also means that the sun is shining into my studio window…on my STICKLES and GLITTERS its the most wonderful time of the year! Lisa, I had a very hard time logging in and posting for March 20, and I am so tickled at the thought of possibly getting a copy of Delight in the Seasons, thank you for the opportunity …you are always so generous and thoughtful ..(Ibelieve that DISQUS is having problems so I could not post for 3-20-13. I hope you get my comment. ! Take care and thank you inspriring me to once more to get that resin out! Hugs, Janice

  • Cherie (Fiskars Nifty-50)

    I sooooo cant wait for this new book (my other two Delight Books are patiently waiting for their baby) I love your books Lisa, the techinques are wonderful and you really help me to expand on different mediums. This gives me the “I can’t wait for Christmas feelings” Hugs, Cherie