Carrot Cake Pancakes

Mar 14, 2013

Today for lunch Kristy, Chris­tine and I had break­fast for lunch at First Watch. I decid­ed to try their Car­rot Cake pan­cakes because I LOVE a good car­rot cake and had to try it in pan­cake form. Well let me just tell ya, these pan­cakes were AMAZING!!! The kind of amaz­ing that you can­not stop think­ing about them and could eat them until you got sick AMAZING!!! But then when I looked at the Nutri­tion­al Facts for one pan­cake the sick amaz­ing quick­ly turned into sick amaz­ing guilt! Ugh… why do things that taste so incred­i­bly great have to be so incred­i­bly not so great for you?

Carrot Cake Pancakes

Even with nutri­tion­al facts guilt loom­ing over my shoul­der I’m on a mis­sion to find a super sim­ple car­rot cake pan­cake recipe that comes as close to the one by First Watch. So what does one do when they need to find some­thing.… Google it of course and I found enough recipes to keep Alan busy in the kitchen for months. LOL, Alan is the cook in this fam­i­ly. Thank good­ness, he loves it because I don’t.

Here are a few recipes I think I’ll see if Alan will try for me. I’m going to pass on the cream cheese icing since First Watch did­n’t have it on theirs and I can only imag­ine the guilt I’d have find­ing out how many added calo­ries that would be… yikes!

Taste of Home

Cook­ie and Kate

Clos­et Cook­ing

Cook­ing Chan­nel TV

Taste Book

If you have a good tried and true Car­rot Cake Pan­cake please let me know. I would love to try it.


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