Valentine’s Day Charms

Feb 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Charms

These lit­tle charms are so sweet (I know, excuse the pun but I could­n’t help it) that I can hard­ly stand their cute­ness. They are a per­fect accent for any sweet Valen­tine to wear all month long. When Maya Road released their Vin­tage Glass Mem­o­ry Vials I was so excit­ed because they are the per­fect minia­ture size for charms of any kind. You get 10 Vin­tage Glass Mem­o­ry Vials, five of each size per pack­age. I’m going to make a few using the sand I brought back from Greece and Italy then met­al stamp a charm with Mykonos and Bel­la­gio to attach to each vial as a fun memen­to. I love funky jew­el­ry and plan on hav­ing loads of fun with these.

The sup­plies need­ed need­ed to make your charms are a pack­age of Maya Road Vin­tage Glass Mem­o­ry Vials, Wilton Sprin­kles Heart Mix and Valen­tine Non­pareils, Tim Holtz idea-olo­gy Screw Eyes and Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

  • Sim­ply pour the Wilton Sprin­kles into each Vin­tage Glass Mem­o­ry Vial
  • Place a Tim Holtz idea-olo­gy Screw Eye into the top of each cork
  • Apply a small amount of Aleene’s Tacky glue around the side of the cork then place the cork back into the vial. Make sure you press the cork as firm­ly into the vial as pos­si­ble.
  • Once the glue is dry attach your Valen­tine Charm to your Neck­lace. I used a sim­ple ball chain for my neck­lace.

Valentine's Day Charms

It’s that sim­ple. If you want to see the prod­ucts used here is the 6 sec­ond tuto­r­i­al I post­ed on Vine, last week… Valen­tine’s Day Charms


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