EnviroTex Resin Button Charm

Feb 8, 2013

Button Charm

I love my “Vin­tage But­ton Bracelet” so much I decided to cre­ate a match­ing charm to wear on a neck­lace. Using Nunn Design Glue I attached a piece of vin­tage ledger paper inside the bezel. I only put one coat of glue on top of the ledger paper since just a bit was going to be seen. If the resin pro­duced stain marks on my paper I was not going to worry about it. But I’m happy to say one layer of glue did the trick. But I’m not going to push my luck with just one coat if I want more of the paper show­ing. I will do 2 or 3 glue appli­ca­tions because you know how Murphy’s Law works…

Once the glue dried I placed a vin­tage but­ton that was slightly smaller than the inside of the bezel as I wanted to see some of the ledger paper from behind the but­ton. I mixed a small batch of Envi­ro­Tex Jew­elry Resin as instructed on the pack­ag­ing and poured the resin on top of the but­ton allow­ing the resin to fill the bezel. Next, I care­fully placed a vin­tage but­ton on top of the larger button.

Note: I was very care­ful to not have any over flow from the bezel so when doing the ini­tial pour make sure you allow for the smaller but­ton to be placed on top. You can always add more resin if needed once the smaller but­ton has been set in place. Or you can cre­ate this charm in two pours, which means pour the resin over the larger but­ton, let it set for a good 12 hours then place the sec­ond smaller but­ton on top and pour another layer of resin and let­ting it cure for 24 to 48 hours.

To com­plete the charm I added a Swarovski crys­tal to the cen­ter of the top but­ton. Then I let the charm cure on a flat sur­face for 24 hours. I really like the sim­plic­ity of but­ton jewelry.

Vintage Button Charm

And here are a few Vine videos I’ve shared this week show­ing bits and pieces of my stu­dio. Are you on Vine yet? It’s fun.

Around my Studio

Prod­uct Storage

Vin­tage Baubles, Trims and Fun Stuff


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  • Amy

    I am on the vine!! That is a lot of yo yo’s!! Love the snip­pets! Would love to see how your work space is set up.…..I am redec­o­rat­ing and mov­ing into a new space.…need ideas!! Thanks for the videos! That milk glass hand looks so famil­iar! Oh wait I have one! Lol