Watching a Dream Come True

Jan 24, 2013

Ronda Palazzari Designs TCW Stencils

It was so awe­some to walk into The Crafter’s Work­shop booth at CHA and see the new sten­cil line designed by my friend Ron­da Palaz­zari. After CHA sum­mer Ron­da spoke about ideas she had for her own sten­cil line and by gol­ly, I’m thrilled to see her Dream Came True. What Ron­da cre­ates with her sten­cils is beyond amaz­ing. Below are links to all the sten­cil projects she cre­at­ed and blogged about as each sten­cil made it’s pub­lic debut. You have to look at every sin­gle one. I tell ya, it’s pure eye can­dy.


Urban Land­scape



Pic­ture Per­fect

Pie Chart



RP Designs

This lay­out is just one of the many favorite projects I love that Ron­da cre­at­ed. This lay­out fea­tures her new Kalei­do­scope sten­cil. No one does col­or like Ron­da.


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