Glittering Thrift Store Vases and Bottles

Jan 28, 2013

This was a fun late night, last minute project I decid­ed to do since I’ve seen this tech­nique many times pinned on Pin­ter­est. Some things on Pin­ter­est look super easy and amaz­ing but in the end, end up being epic fail­ures. I have heard sev­er­al sto­ries. But I am hap­py to say this tech­nique works like a charm and makes this glit­ter girl super hap­py.

Collage Pauge & Glitter

Sup­plies Used: Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage ~ Glossy, Rec­ol­lec­tions Extra Fine Glit­ter ~ Cham­pagne, Thrift Store Vas­es or Bot­tles, Non-Stick Craft Mat, Alu­minum Foil, Pop­si­cle Stick


  • Squirt some Glossy Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage into the bot­tom of your vase or bot­tle. I just count­ed one, two, three while squirt­ing the Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage into the vase and stopped. No rock­et sci­ence here. 
  • Next I placed about 2 table­spoons of the Cham­pagne glit­ter on top of the Col­lage Pauge inside the bot­tom of the vase.
  • Using a Pop­si­cle stick I mixed the two togeth­er then held the vase and rolled it around in my hands allow­ing the mix­ture to cov­er the entire inside of the vase. Once the inside was cov­ered with the Col­lage Pauge and Glit­ter mix­ture I turned the vase upside down, plac­ing it on a piece of alu­minum foil and allowed the excess mix­ture to flow out. Note: You can see I have a small Crack­er Bar­rel Maple Syrup bot­tle upside down in the back­ground. I LOVE their lit­tle bot­tles. 
  • Once most all of the mix­ture was out I turned the vase right side up and let it dry overnight. Note: The mix­ture is glit­tery milky white when wet. Once dry all you see is glit­tery awe­some­ness.  

Finished Glittered Vase

When I woke up this morn­ing this is what I had… a glit­tery awe­some­ness cheapo thrift store vase gone oh so glit­tery glam. Now I just need to add some­thing around the top, maybe some Maya Road trim, big funky rhine­stones or maybe both. More is always bet­ter in this stu­dio. I do believe this vase is going to be my new paint brush hold­er on my work­table.

And I’m hap­py to report I only have 11 more book projects to com­plete and then the cre­ative part of book 3 is done! I can­not WAIT for you all to see this book.


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