Owl Charms

Dec 31, 2012

Owl Charms

My sis­ter, Belin­da has a seri­ous love of owls. She likes the fun whim­si­cal style so I thought I would cre­ate a few charms for her to wear. I print­ed off some owl images using my laser print­er then cut them to fit the bezels shown above. Using a paint brush I applied Nunn Design Glue inside each bezel then placed the image on top of the glue press­ing down with my fin­ger to make sure I removed any air bub­bles. Then I applied a lay­er of the glue on top of each image, let­ting it dry com­plete­ly then applied anoth­er lay­er of glue. Once dry I accent­ed the images with Dia­mond Stick­les.

After the Stick­les dried I applied Judi Kins Gel du Soleil and used a Judi Kins UV Lamp. This prod­uct is dif­fer­ent than ETI Envi­ro­Tex Resin so I thought I would give it a try. I must say each are real­ly nice to use in their own unique ways. The Gel du Soleil is faster to use as it has only a 15–20 minute cur­ing time, depend­ing on the thick­ness of lay­er and size of the piece being cured. You can cure lay­er by lay­er too. The only down­side when using the Gel du Soleil is it is pricey and does have a shelf life since it’s already mixed for you. So I would pur­chase the small­er bot­tle if you plan on mak­ing just a few charms. It is the per­fect epoxy to use when you want to quick­ly cre­ate a nice charm. The fin­ished results were crys­tal clear charms with not one bub­ble.

Owl Charms Close Up

So if you need to cre­ate a quick gift this is one I’m sure will be a hit for any­one.


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