Felted Pin Cushions

Dec 28, 2012

These are I think the cutest pin cush­ions ever. I made these for my mom and aunt Bren­da who came down for Christ­mas. They both sew, so I thought hav­ing a small pin cush­ion to keep on their end table would be cute. The flower petals, cen­ters and leaves are felt­ed from wool rov­ing then attached to the top of vin­tage spools I’ve had using fab­ric adhe­sive. I accent­ed the cen­ter of one of the flow­ers using one of Jen­ni Bowl­in’s adorable pins.

The mea­sur­ing tape around the spool is Maya Road­’s Vin­tage Tape Mea­sure Trim in Pink and Yel­low. I just wrapped it around the spool a few times and secured it in place with a strong adhe­sive. The end of the mea­sur­ing tape trim is cut using scal­lop dec­o­ra­tive scis­sors. These lit­tle pin cush­ions are a per­fect gift for any­one who sews.


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