Three Simple Words

Nov 17, 2012

It’s amaz­ing the amount of power words have when you really think about it. I’m sure we can all remem­ber a moment when an unkind word was said to us on the play­ground, or whis­pers in the hall in school. I know I can. Sadly, it’s dur­ing those years that we really don’t know the power those words spo­ken have on a per­son. It’s so easy to remem­ber the neg­a­tive as I guess those are the ones that impact us and hurt us the most. The neg­a­tive words are the first ones which creep up on us instead of the kind, they are the ones that I and I’m sure you, always have to push back down.

So today, my wish is that we all give hope, courage and love to a stranger, a friend in need  or some­one who looks like they really need to know there is hope, needs just a lit­tle bit of encour­age­ment or lots of love. It’s sim­ple to do and will mean more to any­one than any words you could speak. Hope­fully, these will be the words that rise to the top and they will real­ize they can con­quer any hur­dle no mat­ter how high that is placed in front of them. I have a few friends that have some seri­ously high hur­dles to con­quer at the moment and I plan on empow­er­ing them with “Hope, Courage and Love.”

I will post a tuto­r­ial on how I made this charm, next week. This week­end, is all about “Hope, Courage and Love.”


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  • Chris­tine Ramos Schmidt

    Oh Lisa I was hop­ing you would do a tuto­r­ial for this. IT’s absolutely beau­ti­ful! Thank you for shar­ing and for those won­der­ful words of inspi­ra­tion. I was small and “homely” look­ing back in school and was picked on a lot! By high school I seemed to fill out and blos­somed which of course brought out my personality…the strong one! I learned to over­come all the hor­ri­ble things that had hap­pened to me in my younger years and prayed that all those who made my life a liv­ing hell that they would find peace in their own lives. For I real­ized it was they who were the mis­er­able ones…and you know what they say…misery loves company!

  • Beth W

    Can­not wait for the tutorial.I have a dear friend bat­tling breast cancer-this is going to be her Christ­mas present.Thank you Lisa!

  • Sushicue

    This is just beau­ti­ful! I’m anx­iously look­ing for­ward to your tuto­r­ial, as well. My nephew is cur­rently strug­gling with gruel obsta­cles in his young life and I’d like to make one for him…just a tad bit “man­i­fied” up Ü. You’re very insightful!

  • Linda Tal­ley

    This is so beau­ti­ful and with my mom going through ovar­ian can­cer right it will be a per­fect bond­ing item for her, my sis­ter and my nieces.

  • Donna Woods

    GORGEOUS!! Await­ing the tutorial.

  • Debbi Hig­gins Lofton

    Would love a tuto­r­ial! I really love this!