Frozen Charlotte Dolls ~ For Sale

Nov 5, 2012

If you love Frozen Charlotte Dolls as much as I do but really have a hard time parting with your vintage dolls here is what you need. I am selling packs of 7 handmade Frozen Charlotte Dolls as seen in the photos for $10.00 plus shipping. These dolls come with a flat back which makes them easy to attach to projects such as cards, tags, ornaments, jewelry etc. and range in size from the smallest being approximately 1/2″ wide to the biggest being approximately 2.75″ tall. Since these are all handmade by me, each doll will be unique and have its own vintage charm.

I’m really enjoying mine as I’ve used them to create holiday ornaments and have altered the Frozen Charlotte bust with a faux patina finish and placed it into a charm. To achieve the faux patina as I have below all you need to do is paint your Frozen Charlotte Doll using Adirondack Metallic Gold and Juniper Acrylic Paint Dabbers. These two colors create a beautiful faux patina. You can also age them using Archival Ink in Coffee or Sepia, covered them with a light layer of Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint and once dry apply Vintage Photo Distress Ink over the cracks… honestly there are so many wonderful ways to us and alter these dolls.

And here they are shown placed prominently on the two ornaments I created for The Crafty Scrapper’s Holiday Magic Event. I think they are perfect and will look gorgeous on my tree. Well Carolyn’s tree, because I gave mine to her.

To purchase your packet of 7 Handmade Frozen Charlotte Dolls, just click the button below.

($10 + $5.50 for shipping & handling)

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  • Can’t wait to get mine…

  • Janice Burchell

    You are the bestest! I am so excited … this is perfect timing as you know…. Can we use these to make molds with .. UTEE or clays? I had looked on ebay and was crushed at the cost of these little beauties,,,,I am thankful from the bottom of my little stickles bottles!
    naw… we all love you!
    Janice :)

  • greyhoundlover

    Hi there and greetings from the UK. Just found your blog and I think it’s great! Would love to purchase a pack of these charlotte dolls so just checking if you’ll post to the UK?
    MAny thanks and best wishes – wendy

  • Janice Burchell

    I received my Charlottes! They are just perfect, I love them and wish I had some more. You do great work, and I feel so honored to actually now own a few Lisa Pace original ART pieces. So, I am going to have to get the Charlotte profile dolls today, because they too, are just tooooo cute!
    WE are all thankful for your time and energies in providing us with these lil’ cuties.
    Janice :)

  • Piera


    From pinterest I came here to you, I’d be interested in these lovely dolls, if only I knew if spediriste in Italy?