A Kiss on the Chic’s Creative Retreat ~ Bellagio Day 2

Sep 29, 2012

Sep­tem­ber 19th was day 2 of the retreat for me and Car­o­line. Class­es start­ed at 9:30 and I instant­ly start­ed pho­tograph­ing the class­room. It was absolute­ly stun­ning. The opened win­dows allowed for a gen­tle breeze to enter the room as well as the sounds of birds and church bells. The group of ladies who attend­ed this retreat were won­der­ful, fun and full of joy. It was a true plea­sure to get to know each and every one and I hope our paths cross again.

  1. Pho­tos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 show just how amaz­ing the class­room was… well as amaz­ing as I could cap­ture it in a pho­to. Hon­est­ly, these do not do this room jus­tice at all. See­ing it in per­son is awe inspir­ing. All the details from floor to ceil­ing made it near impos­si­ble for me to focus. I want­ed to cap­ture every sin­gle detail.
  2. After the first class was fin­ished we ate lunch pool­side at the hotel. Pho­tos 7, 9 and 10 show how beau­ti­ful the walk down to the pool and sit­ting pool­side for lunch was.
  3. The hotel is sur­round­ed with gor­geous flow­ers and green­ery at every sin­gle turn. Pho­tos 8, 12 and 13 are just a few exam­ples of the many flow­ers you will see.
  4. After lunch I taught my class “Neapoli­tan Rose ~ Altered Cuff and Bib Neck­lace” . It was fun watch­ing the ladies put togeth­er their pieces as each were so unique. I always find it fun to give peo­ple the same sup­plies and see how many dif­fer­ent ver­sions of the same project peo­ple cre­ate. This class was filled with vin­tage shell but­tons, hand­made cro­cheted doilies and yoy­o’s by my mom, vin­tage baubles and loads of Maya Road flow­ers.
  5. After I fin­ished teach­ing I head­ed up to my room and unex­pect­ed­ly fell asleep so I slept through the 3rd class. Car­o­line made it to class though while I snoozed away. I’m glad it was not my turn to teach. Yikes, although I know Car­o­line would have boot­ed me out of bed. Pho­tos 11 and 14 show how pret­ty it is walk­ing along the path to our room. Right now Texas is so dry that see­ing flow­ers and green­ery was such a wel­comed sight to my eyes.
  6. And pho­to 15 is anoth­er pho­to for my “Trav­el­ing Apron” project. Ignore the swollen feet and notice the gor­geous tile floor­ing. I would LOVE to have this floor­ing in our home.

Once the last class of the day was fin­ished we head­ed out for din­ner. Car­o­line and I ate with a group of ladies from the retreat and had loads of fun. We laughed so much and enjoyed their com­pa­ny great­ly.

  1. Pho­to 1 was tak­en along our walk to the restau­rant.
  2. Pho­tos 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 were tak­en at the awe­some place we ate. It was called Ris­toro For­ma & Gus­to. I think Car­o­line and I ate a cap­rese sal­ad every sin­gle day we were in Italy. We shared a cal­zone and piz­za which were both so good. The one thing I loved about eat­ing in Italy was every­thing was­n’t greasy or over salt­ed as it is here in the US.
  3. After din­ner we all walked around the streets of Bel­la­gio and got some gela­to at Gela­te­ria del Bor­go. You MUST get gela­to from this place. I loved how they put a meringue cook­ie on top of mine. I could have had one of each and every sin­gle treat that was offered in this shop but the thought of hav­ing Car­o­line drag me up and down the many hills and sets of stairs to burn off all those calo­ries kept me at one pur­chase. Pho­tos 7, 8, 9 and 10 show all the yum­mies you could get.
  4. After we all made our pur­chase we wan­der around the streets for a bit. Pho­tos 11, 12 and 13 show just a tad bit of what Bel­la­gio looks like at night. This place is sim­ply mag­i­cal.

A Kiss on the Chic’s Cre­ative Retreat ~ Bel­la­gio

Tomor­row, I will show you pho­tos I took while Car­o­line and I wan­dered the streets of Como and our din­er at Al Veluu in Tremez­zo.


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