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Aug 28, 2012

Most of you have heard about my “Trav­el­ing Apron” cre­at­ed by my aunt out of a feed sack that was my grand­moth­er’s and a dress that was my great great aun­t’s. While in West Vir­ginia, I start­ed a lit­tle sam­pler to keep in the pock­et with all the states I’ve been to with my apron. This is some­thing real­ly fun to do while sit­ting in the car, wait­ing in the air­port or on the plane. I plan on stitch­ing pearls in between each state and adding small pieces of vin­tage trims here and there as well as doing a few dec­o­ra­tive type stitch­es.

If you are inter­est­ed in hand stitch­ing your own sam­pler and want to learn more embroi­dery stitch­es I dis­cov­ered Sarah’s Hand Embroi­dery Tuto­ri­als on Pin­ter­est and I LOVE every­one of her tuto­ri­als. Sarah’s back stitch tuto­r­i­al shows just how sim­ple the back stitch is to sew as well as sev­er­al oth­ers in the back stitch fam­i­ly. She has 13 embroi­dery stitch­ing cat­e­gories with lots of dif­fer­ent stitch­es in each.

You real­ly need to check out her site. Cre­at­ing a sam­pler is the per­fect thing to do to pass the time away while sit­ting in the car­pool line. I wish I would have dis­cov­ered this years ago. There is no telling how many sam­plers I would have com­plet­ed by now.

I took this pho­to of a dress­er scarf while vis­it­ing my aunt and uncle. I found out last night that my aunt hand stitched this in the 50’s or 60’s. Each sin­gle stitch is per­fect­ly placed. I wish I would have tak­en more pho­tos of it now… I also dis­cov­ered that anoth­er one in the room on a night­stand was hand stitched by my grand­moth­er. You can bet I will be tak­ing more pho­tos of both, next year.

And check out this pho­to col­lage of an antique crazy quilt I saw at an Antique Mall while pass­ing through KY or TN. I could study this quilt all day long. It has such a unique blend of fab­rics, col­ors, appliques and hand stitch­ing and I find it absolute­ly amaz­ing and inspir­ing. I think I’m going to attempt a crazy quilt sam­pler using feed sack scraps and trims I have stashed away. To learn about “Crazy Quilt­ing” click HERE.


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