Editing iPhone Photos

Aug 29, 2012

I get email all the time ask­ing me how I edit the pho­tos I take using my iPhone. So today I thought I would put togeth­er a tuto­r­i­al (WARNING this is a LONG tuto­r­i­al) and show you how I do it. I love edit­ing my images and use Typoins­ta, Insta­gram and Pic Stitch the most. There are lots of oth­er free edit­ing pro­grams avail­able but I seem to go back to these three the most.

Here is an unedit­ed pho­to of some beau­ti­ful sun­flow­ers I took on a not so sun­ny day while in West Vir­ginia. The light­ing was ter­ri­ble but I want­ed the pho­to no mat­ter what and knew I could have fun doing some edit­ing using my favorite apps.

The first app I use is Pic Stitch. This app allows you to crop one or up to 4 pho­tos using their free ver­sion. You can pur­chase more lay­outs if you want.

I want­ed to use just one pho­to so I tapped the sin­gle square. Once you see the lay­out you want to dou­ble tap on the lay­out. It will then take you to a dif­fer­ent page that shows your Cam­era Roll. Tap on Cam­era Roll

You will now be tak­en to all the pho­tos on your cam­era. Pick the pho­to you want to edit. Tap done and you will then see the image below. You can now crop the image as you want with two fin­gers touch­ing the screen all you need to do is open and close your two fin­gers. Once you have the imaged cropped as you like tap on Export.

After you tap on Export you will then see the screen below. I always save my image to my Pho­to Album. Tap on Pho­to Album and now you are ready to start edit­ing the cropped image in Typoins­ta.

Open the Typoins­ta app and tap on the word Load anoth­er screen will come up, tap on Use Pho­to from Library. Tap on the cropped image you just saved from the Pic Stitch app.

The pho­to will be uploaded to the app and you are now ready to add text to your pho­to. Tap on Input. Now you can pick the font style, size and col­or. While the words are inside the box on the pho­to after you have typed your text and clicked done you can move the text all around the pho­to to place them as you like.

After you fin­ish adding your text tap Done. Now tap Save. You will see Save, Face­book, Twit­ter, Insta­gram. Tap on Insta­gram so that you can now add edit to your image.

Now that you are in Insta­gram you can edit the pho­to as you like. Once you have the pho­to as you like it tap on the green check mark. You will then be tak­en to anoth­er screen that will allow you to add a cap­tion with the pho­to as well as post it to Face­book, Twit­ter etc. It will auto­mat­i­cal­ly post to Insta­gram.

It seems like a lot of work get­ting your pho­to from begin­ning to end but after you’ve done this a few times the process goes pret­ty fast.

Have fun!

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