Blast from the Past 2

Aug 3, 2012

Here is a lay­out I did in 2005 doc­u­ment­ing Ans­ley going to her first “Daddy Daugh­ter Dance.” This lay­out actu­ally got picked up for pub­li­ca­tion and can be found in the JoAnn ScrapEssen­tials Idea Book Vol. 2. If you have this idea book this lay­out is fea­tured on page 51.

  • You can see I still love to use glossy accents and iri­des­cent glit­ter. That is what I used to accent the jour­nal­ing strips.
  • Still love the jour­nal­ing strip look.
  • I still accent the edges of my paper with brown ink.
  • Still love to use rib­bon, but­tons and rhinestones.
  • Don’t use brads all that much anymore.
  • Still love to cre­ate my own embellishments.
  • Love using silk flow­ers but now would dis­tress them with ink or paint and cover them in crys­tal coarse glitter.

I cre­ated a hinged book for the title and when opened you see the infor­ma­tion for the dance and a photo of Ans­ley and Alan taken at the dance. I even left a lit­tle pocket on the hinged book cover to hide a photo that can be pulled out to view.

I also have a “Friends” card on page 86 that fea­tures the paper dolls I used to make. Thank good­ness my pho­tog­ra­phy improved because this photo is ter­ri­ble! I have Suzy Plan­ta­mura to thank for this… she hardly knew me and sent me the sweet­est email telling me she loved my work and then went into a long email on how to take bet­ter pho­tos. I thought that was so awe­some of her to take the time to do. I’ve never for­got­ten that and always try to pay it for­ward to oth­ers who are try­ing to break into this industry.

You will also find another lay­out on page 182 titled “Me”. This lay­out was one I had to do that was “All About Me.” Not sure what I was think­ing when I used the photo of a rose I took and put the word “peonys” on it which should have been “peonies”, guess my peonies had not bloomed at that time. And did I like that label maker or what? That jour­nal­ing style was super pop­u­lar in 2005.

I would say my style has for the most part stayed the same… dimen­sional with lots of tex­ture. It’s hard to see in this photo but I placed some of the pic­tures on foam squares to add inter­est to the photo col­lage. Next week, I will show you the first mini album I made for Terri’s 17th birth­day. I do believe this is when I ended up being com­pletely hooked on the industry.


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