Look who is 5 months…

Jul 5, 2012

My gosh, I can­not believe Olivia is already five months. She is grow­ing so fast and it makes me sad. A baby does not stay a baby near long enough. Although, when you’re deep in the mid­dle of baby mode you feel like it will nev­er end and your life will be like this for­ev­er. But when your youngest just grad­u­at­ed high school like Ans­ley just did when I look at baby pho­tos of my niece Olivia it real­ly seems as though Ans­ley should be around 2 or 3 not 18.

I think the best advice I would give to first time par­ents if asked is first accept your child for who he or she is and enjoy each and every sec­ond of each and every day and doc­u­ment, doc­u­ment, doc­u­ment. Doc­u­ment­ing does­n’t have to be some­thing grand just a lit­tle some­thing from each day… a pho­to, jot­ting down some­thing cute the baby did or how you feel. The main thing is to just doc­u­ment some­thing because when you put all those lit­tle some­things togeth­er, one day you will be able to reflect upon your incred­i­ble jour­ney of par­ent­hood and be so thank­ful you took the time to do so because now all those lit­tle some­things have great mean­ing.

I love the look on Olivi­a’s face in these pho­tos as she tries cere­al for the first time… it looks as though she’s think­ing, “Dad, do you see what mom is doing, are you aware of my sit­u­a­tion”?

She is so adorable and I’m so sad I don’t live clos­er. Olivia looks like she’s not so sure this cere­al stuff is nec­es­sary and her bot­tle still works just fine. Her eyes and mouth say it all.

And here she looks so accom­plished with her big bad self.  “Cere­al, no big­gie, bring on a big­ger chal­lenge”. I love that sweet lit­tle face… well it’s real­ly those sweet chub­by cheeks I love so much and that lit­tle neck hid­den some­where under­neath her chin and her chub­by wrists and cute lit­tle toes. She is so adorable.


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