I Love Downtown Chicago

Jul 15, 2012

I think Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit and I never tire of walk­ing down­town. The archi­tec­ture, land­marks and win­dow shop­ping is amaz­ing. Get­ting to spend the day with Car­o­line, David, Laura, Ronda, Emily and Jes­sica made it even bet­ter. So what started out not being such a great day ended up being a blast.

I love rid­ing the train into down­town and am intrigued with how close busi­nesses and homes are to the train. The train is lit­er­ally in their back­yards. I’m sure it has to be super loud but I guess they get used to it.

The Civic Opera House was really pretty and walk­ing over the river is a guar­an­teed beau­ti­ful view and for some rea­son I really like see­ing all the metal beams under­neath the train. I think they are very inter­est­ing. We even got to see Chicago fire­fight­ers in action. One of the very tall build­ings we were all walk­ing by had a fire about half way up.

While walk­ing around down­town you see flow­ers and green­ery all over. They have large planters filled with all kinds of col­or­ful flow­ers and flower beds placed in front of stores all long the streets with pretty wrought iron fenc­ing out­lin­ing the flower beds.

We all hur­ried into Dick Blick for some seri­ous art sup­ply look­ing… this store is two lev­els of awe­some good­ness and the art they have placed around the store is really neat. I was really intrigued with this very large paint­ing. This is only about a 1/3 of the paint­ing. I even found some gor­geous papers I plan on using for projects in book #3.

We went to see the Bean at Mil­len­nium Park which is always fun. The flower gar­dens as you walk around are gor­geous. And did you now this… “It is con­sid­ered bad man­ners and harm­ful to your taste buds to put ketchup on your hot dog within the city lim­its of Chicago”. LOL, the Notice sign cracked me up and see­ing the ketchup bot­tle next to the mus­tard at the very end of the hot dog stand made me gig­gle. Sorry for the bad photo too.

And it does not mat­ter how long the line is at Gar­rett the wait is so worth it… noth­ing bet­ter than their “Chicago Mix” which is cheese and caramel pop­corn mixed together. Talk about YUMMY!

And I even found Waldo twice while walk­ing around down­town.… first I found him sit­ting at an inter­sec­tion while cross­ing the street and then eat­ing at a Pot­belly Sand­wich Shop.

So how was your day? Mine was awe­some. Tomor­row, well it might be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. Major set up day for us all. I’ll give you a recap tomor­row night.


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  • Sarahmoore13

    Sound like an amaz­ing place!!! And a great group of peo­ple to share with as well! Good luck with the set up! Hope my stuff sur­vived the trip

  • Aunt Brenda

    I’m with you on Chicago. It’s a great day­light city. Enjoy!