Fun at Navy Pier

Jul 23, 2012

Fri­day, morn­ing after play­ing an awe­some game of Tetris try­ing to fit every­thing into my suit­cas­es Car­o­line, Emi­ly and I got on the train and head­ed for down­town Chica­go to see Navy Pier. We walked and walked and walked for what seemed like for­ev­er… I think Car­o­line and Emi­ly know how far we walked but are keep­ing it a secret from me. I swear, I thought they were try­ing to do me in.  But thank­ful­ly, there was an amaz­ing breeze, cool­er temps and loads of laughs along the way.

Once we final­ly arrived, which was well worth the walk I have to say,  Navy Pier real­ly is a neat place to vis­it. We went into the mall and got a Jam­ba Juice and while walk­ing inside, Emi­ly noticed this neat kiosk that would take your pho­to for free and post it to Face­book so we had to take a pho­to.

After we got our Jam­ba Juice we head­ed out­side to see Navy Pier. This place is filled with peo­ple, seag­ulls and fun. We looked around a bit then walked through the beau­ti­ful parks.

While mak­ing our way to the parks we stum­bled upon the sculp­ture of Bob Newhart as Dr. Bob Harte­ly in the Bob Newhart Show. I remem­ber my fam­i­ly watch­ing this show every sin­gle week. We then walked to Paper Source to look around then got some lunch at a neat place called Bret­t’s Kitchen. I LOVED this sand­wich shop.

We then head­ed back to get on the train and head to the air­port for what we thought would be our flight home… but that was not in the cards for us, Fri­day night. David, Car­o­line, Emi­ly and I were sit­ting and chat­ting away in the food court at the air­port when we soon dis­cov­ered our flight was can­celled. So we said good bye to Emi­ly since her’s was still a go and Car­o­line, David and I spent the night at the West­in O’Hara Hotel in a super com­fy bed and dread­ing the thought of get­ting up at 4:00 a.m. to catch our 6:00 a.m. flight home to Dal­las.


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