A Birthday Luncheon Surprise

Jun 28, 2012

Made­lyn had a super spe­cial day, yes­ter­day. In this pho­to she had no clue what fun was head­ed her way. Before com­ing to see us this week, she dis­cov­ered there was an Amer­i­can Girl store in Dal­las. Made­lyn LOVES her Amer­i­can Girl My Twin and want­ed so bad­ly to go and get her dolls ears pierced. So me being me could not just set­tle for that know­ing her 9th birth­day was so close… July 2nd.

Before she arrived I called and made reser­va­tions for a sur­prise birth­day lun­cheon in her hon­or. Ans­ley and Ter­ri were able to come cel­e­brate with us and my mom and dad and her mom and Mal­colm made sure to send her mon­ey (unknow­ing­ly to her it was tucked inside her suit­case) so Made­lyn could pur­chase her beloved McKen­na doll. The expres­sion on my sweet niece’s face when we drove up to the store as well as the excite­ment that filled her dur­ing the tor­tur­ous 15 min dri­ve, all the way to the Gal­le­ria, was price­less. If you ever have the chance to sur­prise a soon to be 9 year old with a birth­day lun­cheon at the Amer­i­can Girl store do it… it is worth every sin­gle pen­ny spent.

When we arrived at the Bistro for her birth­day lun­cheon they had a “Birth­day” crown placed on the table for her and her doll Whit­ney. Whit­ney, sat in her spe­cial chair next to Made­lyn and sipped on pink lemon­ade while we ate and chat­ted. Each of us got an amaz­ing appe­tiz­er of our choice. We all picked the fruit plate with a yogurt dip and two straw­ber­ry muffins. Made­lyn had a Straw­ber­ry fix drink and the rest of us had pink lemon­ade. After our awe­some lunch, Made­lyn had mac­a­roni and cheese topped with a cheese star, they brought her the cutest birth­day cake and sang “Hap­py Birth­day”. I must say, I do believe she want­ed to crawl under­neath the table dur­ing this part. But she got through it and we then ate cake and ice cream.

As her sur­prise birth­day lun­cheon start­ed to wind down they gave Made­lyn an adorable goody bag filled with a plas­tic bal­loon and spe­cial birth­day shirt for her doll to hold and wear and a book for Made­lyn. We then head­ed down to shop and shop­ping she did… she got her beloved doll McKen­na, Ter­ri and Ans­ley each bought her an out­fit and I got her dolls ears pierced. It was price­less watch­ing Made­lyn leave the store so hap­py and I believe still in a bit of shock.

It is so awe­some when a dream you have, no mat­ter your age, comes true.

And now here they sit play­ing, play­ing and play­ing togeth­er for hours. Chang­ing clothes, brush­ing hair and chang­ing clothes again. As I’ve said many times… I LOVE being an Aunt!


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