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May 4, 2012

The one thing about me and my blog is I really do try hard to keep it real, honest and true. I don’t want to hide behind it and make people think my creative life is so amazing, exciting and wonderful. This industry has lots of wonderful perks and I enjoy it immensely. I know I’m blessed so please do not take this wrong and think I’m not grateful and appreciative but this industry also has LOTS of stress, frustration, at times unrealistic deadlines, a little backstabbing here and there (sad but true) and idea stealing (again sad but true). I try not to focus on the bad part, just the good and share my love of art and all things vintage.

So I thought I would talk to you today, about three behind the scenes things you might not think about…

Creating on Demand with certain products is something I learned early on and goodness am I ever so glad I did as it can be quite challenging and stressful. Creating on demand with a 24 hour turn around is even more stressful. If you were given say, five products and you can only use these 5 products with maybe your own paper choice and are given 24 hours to create something that everyone will see publicly would you be anxious or get a creative block? Even though we are considered professionals in the industry most of us still have these feelings. So be kind with criticism as you never know how long the designer had to create their piece.

Blogging… blogging takes up a LOT of time. So be kind to those who miss a few days or maybe even a week. I know when I post a tutorial is takes me at least an hour and sometimes two to post the photos, include the supplies and tools and write up all the instructions. Some days I(we) just do not have an hour to devote to blogging, especially when CHA comes around.

Pricing… Whether it be classes to teach at stores or online workshops I know I work my tail off as well as many others in the industry. I make sure everyone has full detailed instructions, color photos, unique vintage finds, supplies, etc. So by the time I(we) create the project to teach, kit it, take photos, write the instructions and spend 3 to 4 hours teaching it I(we) have put in many behind the scene hours preparing. Just something to think about  as I(we) get from point A to point B. By the time you divide all the behind the scenes hours and the teaching time, pricing usually is pretty reasonable, please be kind.

Please don’t take this post as a lecture. I just want it to be something for everyone to think about. I(we) in the industry try hard to make people happy, we really do. I love to share ideas and am very giving and open with information, so please be kind.


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  • Heidi Blankenship

     Very well said!!!  Thank you for sharing this!!!  I hope you have a
    Fantastic weekend!!  BTW–Love your picture–so Beautiful!!! ♥

  • You look beautiful!

  • Very good, worthwhile (and kind) post;D

  • Scrap It Girl, Kimberly

    Great Post.. Wish everyone would read this.. the sad but true statements should be in bold and in all caps.  lol  I am no where near where you are as far as careers.. I can only imagine the amount of stress and work at your level. Your doing a wonderful job.. thanks for writing this

  • Linda Cain

    AMEN, SISTER!!! And thank you for saying it so eloquently.

    Big hugs,

  • Mall Rat

    Awesome post.  I’ve really learned in the last couple days by reading the many blogs I do that even in the happy art & scrap world there are still negative mean people who expect too much.   I can’t imagine the pressure of HAVING to create with deadlines.   I’m new to your blog, but I really appreciate all your share .. I love your work.   Have a great weekend !!

  • Sarah Engels-Greer

    So true and well written! Think it, design it, create it, tweak it, love…hmmm like it (!), photograph it, edit it, write it, blog it, mail it, even drive it, with Mr. Deadline along for the ride. Without sounding pretentious – cos I love it all so much  too – the concept of a normal week being 5 days and a weekend, is a distant memory!

  • Suze

    U R brilliant. U R right. U have experienced it. U know it first hand. Bless U for being unafraid to say it! I admire U!!!!

  • I figured out that by the time I design, plan, order, kit, write, travel, and then teach that I actually don’t make any money teaching.  I try to keep class prices as low as possible and in the end, don’t make anything for it.  I think a lot of people really don’t realize how much work there is behind the scenes to it all.

  • Candy Colwell

    So perfectly and eloquently stated, Lisa.  Thank you for your very thought provoking post.  I hope that everyone reads it and takes it to heart.  <3

  • Pearl Maple

    Well said,

    There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make the ‘magic’
    We choose to work in the industry because we
    love the products,  the people we meet
    and sharing creative adventures.   
    Being pushed with unrealistic expectations,
    deadlines, is not supporting the industry or allowing for the best creative opportunities.   By working together we can create the thriving
    growing craft market place that gives everyone more crafting opportunities.

  • Jhollinger

    You did a great job sharing you heart. I’ve always said you never know what someone else’s job really is until you do it, and that refers to all kinds of jobs no matter how menial, sophsiticated or elegant. There are always behind the scene elements that no one sees until they try to do it themselves. You did a good job expressing some of those things in your world. I’ve done just enough teaching of crafts that i know how time consuming it is… just purchasing supplies and getting everything ready almost doesn’t count toward the time you get ‘paid’ for. So much is done for the love of sharing what you love to do. And we appreciate what you do and your willingness to teach us too. So thank you for all you do… keep it up!

  • Kindredhearts1

    Thank you for sharing.  I’m sure the average person doesn’t realize the time and effort involved in the creative process.  Some time it feels like I make 10 cents an hour…. hahaha.   Seriously though, thank you so  so much for posting your heart felt feelings.     xox

  • Sherry Cheever

    Excellent post! Thank you for putting it out there.

  • Susie Moore

    Lisa – you could not be more right on the money!  Everything you said is true.  I hope we will all be kind…because art is supposed to be fun and life is to short to me mean spirited. 

    We are all so blessed in this community. 

  • Prairiestamper

    So true!! I don’t think the avg person realizes how much WORK goes into crafting, blogging, prepping the projects, photography, etc. I told my customers one time how much time it took me to prep for their class and they looked at me like I was crazy!!! But I love the end results. And I love reading about all your beautiful projects. Keep up the good work.. as I for one KNOW it is work. 

  • linda brown

    This is excatly how many of us in the industry feel and have never been brave enough to actually post our feelings on our blogs…..well done Lisa for speaking up, it takes a lot of courage to do that and you couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Katie

    Ain’t it the truth though Lisa?.  I am going back to college now. I cannot support myself off of this industry.   You forgot to mention the very, very low pay. :(  

  • So very, very true. :)

  • Lredman1953

    I understand your comments, but realize you are open to the public and the public is not a nice place……….Just look at the tabloids.  Please build yourelf a thick skin and don’t give up.  We the nice people need you.  I have only just found you and love your creative style, if I lived closer to Waxachie I would attend everything.  Laura from Tyler, Texas.

  • Rox

    Lisa, I love hope open and honest you are.  I retired from a 30 year career and not a minute too soon.  I loved my career but the pettiness wore me out.  Just know what an inspiration you are to so many people.  I understand how under the gun you probably are sometimes.  There ARE people who appreciate all you do and all you share.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  

  • Dkaste

    We appreciate all you do, Lisa and YES it is a lot of work!  Many people don’t realize that it’s not all fun and games.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  Best wishes!!!
    – DebbieK

  • Aholmes

    I hate to see this post because it makes me think someone must have been so unkind to you with their “opinion”.  Sorry that you had to encounter such a hateful person (or persons).  Most likely the choices they have made in their life have led them to a place of extreme unhappiness and they receive “joy” in trying to make others miserable.  Anyone that has ever truly “created” knows that it takes time, money, energy, etc., etc.  I am sure that all of that is multiplied many times over when you are doing it professionally.  Keep on creating and try not to give another thought or any more of your energy to those that speak about what they don’t understand.  I am extremely inspired by your work and in awe of your talent. 

  • Wanda Hentges

    Life has been crazy!!!! And I haven’t had much time for visiting blogs (or even scanning my feedblitz emails of blogs) so I missed this (and other) posts.  I managed to see a recent post on Linda Cain’s blog and came here.  Oh boy, do things take time… and sometimes, even if we get a little time, we are too tired to think enough to blog!!  I appreciate you, Lisa!!! Love your books and your art!!!  Sending you big (((HUGS))).  (And maybe some day I’ll even get to take one of your classes… that would be cool!!)

  • Marjie Kemper

    I really do appreciate what you’re saying here, Lisa.  Just creating projects and blogging them is massively time consuming and I’ve only an inkling of all the time involved with classes.   I hope you get a lot of support on this… it’s reality and shouldn’t need to be left unsaid, especially if you are dealing with naysayers who need to hear it.