New York City

Apr 27, 2012

Okay let me just start out saying the five years I’ve waited and wanted so badly to visit Tinsel Trading Company was so WORTH it!!! This store did not disappoint me one bit, every single square inch of this place is filled with amazing vintage and gorgeous gift items. The story of how the store came to be is a wonderful story and if you are as interested in knowing as I was chatting away with Marcia Ceppos… you can read all about it HERE. It’s a great story of how her grandfather got started.

Once we left Tinsel Trading Company we headed out for a great sight seeing walking tour mapped out for us by Marcia. She basically had us walk one huge square that once finished had us right back to Penn Station so we could head back to Tinton Falls, NJ.

We saw the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and the gorgeous New York Public Library. One thing that really amazed me is how much greenery is in city. There are trees, shrubs and flowers all around. It really is quite beautiful. And while in Times Square Carolyn and I at this amazing lobster roll while sitting in Times Square people watching.

And my “Traveling Apron” is having a wonderful journey… Tinsel Trading Company, Red Bank NJ Transit and Time Square… can you see me and Carolyn standing together in the middle photo on the giant screen outside Aeropostale? Tomorrow… it’s all about Ranger University! Cannot wait to be there. Will tell you all about it tomorrow.


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  • Looks like a fabulous first day. Hope you have an amazing time at Ranger U.

  • Fantastic! Have a wonderful time!

  • You can mark it off your Bucket List! Enjoy yourself!

  • Aunt Brenda

    I’m so excited you are “dragging” the apron all around the world with you!! We missed each other in the Big Apple by one day….can you believe it? Our world is either too small or too big!

    • Lisa Pace

      Aunt Brenda, that is crazy. I hope you had as much fun as Carolyn and I did… we had a great time.

  • Bterriermom

    How wonderful that you got to visit Tinsel Trading Co it is so awesome with all it’s vintage goodness I could stay there all day if my husband didn’t pull me away.   My credit card gets a total exercise workout when I visit there. 
    Actually that district area is awesome with the bead shops, vintage material and other epherma.   My husband and I love NYC we visit it quite often and can never get enough of all the energy the city offers.  We talk about moving to a warmer climate and then we think of how much we would miss visiting NYC with a quick three hour ride and we are there.  You need to visit it in the summer when they close an entire street off for vendor flea market type event talk about fun…..

  • Friday, April 20th, I had the pleasure of finally visiting Tinsel Trading while in New York with my daughter’s choir group who sang at the Lincoln Center that weekend.  Well worth all the walking to get there.