Apr 10, 2012

I always get asked “What are you going to do with these”? when I’m dig­ging in flea mar­kets and such for lit­tle trea­sures to use in projects and such. So I thought I would give you a lit­tle insight into my head. Warn­ing: Enter at your own risk! It’s a scary place inside this head of mine.

I love adding to my ever grow­ing, tar­nished, slight­ly scratched and dent­ed thim­ble col­lec­tion. Oh how I love tar­nished, slight­ly scratched and dent­ed every­thing as well as tat­tered, torn and frayed.

So here goes… 15 sec­onds inside my head.

  • Accent for a shad­ow box
  • Charm for a neck­lace or bracelet
  • Tiny pot for vin­tage flow­ers
  • Cute minia­ture cup­cake
  • GASP… smashed flat… an embell­ish­ment for a her­itage themed mini album or lay­out
  • Base for a minia­ture orna­ment

You all know how I’m such a vin­tage girl at heart… but I must admit a lit­tle bit of a vin­tage “Dirty Girl” is start­ing to come out too. I had some fun yes­ter­day, find­ing more courage… how about you?


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