Late Night Creative Play

Apr 18, 2012

I was playing late into the night with Bees Wax and thought I would give you a keeping it real photo of my work area. Maybe this is why I love junk shops and thrift stores so much… the messier the better. You’ll find all kinds of things in this photo… finished projects, dried flowers, lace, buttons, sheet music, bees wax etc… all the things I love. Encaustic art is were I want to remain. I love the smell of melting wax, I love how it swirls, bubbles and flows. It’s been quite a journey getting to this place but this place feels natural, effortless and makes me so happy.

This piece is still in the works. I love how dried flowers look underneath layers natural bees wax. I’m not sure how this piece is going to end up looking in the end as I just start creating with no real plan in mind… I just add and add and before you know it I’m done. It’s an amazing journey.

See the swirls and layers of wax? I love that look so much. I’m thinking maybe some glass glitter will look amazing sprinkled here and there in this piece. Gonna think on it a bit more but I do believe it just might need to have a little sprinkle or two. Once this piece is finished I will share a photo.

For now though, I need to get some spoons flattened out for my “Art Requires Courage” class at The Crafty Scrapper, Saturday. I only have 3 spots left.


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  • Sharon Randall

    Hi Lisa,
    I see a heating tool to the right of your project. What is the make? That’s a tool that I would love to have as I enter into the world of encaustic play. I never tire of looking at your beautiful work. Thank you!

    • Hi Sharon, the tool you see is a Clover iron that I purchased from the sewing section at JoAnns. Encaustic art is so much fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

      • Sharon Randall

        Great, thanks Lisa!!

  • Judy Docter

    I find your procedures and completed projects very interesting and inspiring. But once you’re finished creating a piece, how do you suggest using it? For example the dried flowers encased in beeswax – does it then sit on a shelf or what? You’ve also made some lovely tags previously; how are they to be used? I’ve noticed there’s uaually no space reserved for “to” or “from”, so I assume they’re not for gifts and am curious about what they are intended to go on. Your answers may open new creative avenues for me.

    • The dried flower piece will sit on a mini easel or hung in a grouping with other encaustic pieces. The tags are usually given away for people to frame or use as they wish. I like to display them in my studio by placing them on vintage flower frogs. Hope this gives you some inspiration.

  • I’m looking for a new heat tool as well.

    • I use three tools… the melting pot, a heat gun and the iron seen in the photo is a Clover quilting iron that I found in the sewing section at JoAnns.

  • Sus respuestas pueden abrir nuevos caminos creativos para mí.