I’m a Grandmother

Apr 11, 2012

Well a grand­moth­er for only a few days. Gosh did I ever have fun tex­ting my sis­ter, “I’m going to be a grand­moth­er” she has nev­er called me back so fast ever. Tex­ting Ter­ri she was going to be an “Aunt” was pret­ty fun too. Our tex­ting ses­sion went like this…

Me: You are going to be an Aunt

Ter­ri: To what?

Me: A baby

Ter­ri: This is a joke right?

Me: No (tech­ni­cal­ly it is a baby… right?)

Ter­ri: Answer your phone

So back to Ans­ley, she is tak­ing care of Luke for her Child Devel­op­ment class and I think this is the best expe­ri­ence ever for a teenag­er! Ans­ley has had to take Luke to work with her (Big thanks to her boss, Can­dy) and has to take care of Luke’s each and every whim­per and believe me there have been a LOT of whim­pers and cry­ing. Is it bad of me to get plea­sure out of watch­ing her want to pull her hair out of her head?  I mean real­ly, she only has to take care of him for 3 days from 5:00 pm to 9:00 am. It’s not like she has him 24/7 for the next 18 years.

That smile you see on her adorable face is BEFORE he kept her up all night. This doll is real­ly pret­ty amaz­ing. Ans­ley has a scan­ner that is on a bracelet that is cut off by the teacher, so no cheat­ing. Some­one else can care for the baby but SHE has to be there to scan it’s back so there is no run­ning away from the cry­ing. Once Luke cries Ans­ley scans his back with her bracelet, this doll mon­i­tors how long it took her to get him when cry­ing and all inter­ac­tions she has with Luke.… feed­ing, burp­ing, head sup­port, hold­ing, dia­per change, etc. and SHE has to fig­ure out what he needs.  Ans­ley must keep track of all inter­ac­tions with Luke in his “baby book” again, is it bad of me to gig­gle when read­ing the times he gets her up?

Day 1 ~ Grade 91

8:10 pm ~ fussy 
8:40 pm ~ fussy (this isn’t so bad)
2:00 am ~ fussy
2:10 am ~ bot­tle (real­i­ty is set­ting in)
2:22 am ~ burp  (real­i­ty hits)
4:45 am ~  bot­tle (remem­ber that sweet smile I was talk­ing about… I think it left right about now)
4:53 am ~ burp    (I’m cer­tain that sweet smile left the build­ing)
7:43 am ~ dia­per (want­i­ng a few more min­utes of sleep… so not hap­pen­ing)
7:51 am ~ feed     (try­ing to get ready for school)
8:06 am ~ burp   (still try­ing to get ready for school)

Day 2 ~ Grade 91

7:40 pm ~ dia­per (oh the fun begins)
7:48 pm ~ bot­tle
9:30 pm ~ fussy
9:50 pm ~ bot­tle (I just fed you not too long ago)
10:03 pm ~  burp
10:11 pm ~ bot­tle (please, please, please sleep all night)
11:30 pm ~ fussy
11:34 pm ~ fussy (what in the world is wrong with you, please I’m beg­ging you go to sleep)
11:45 pm ~ bot­tle (why did you not want your bot­tle a few min­utes ago)
2:18 am ~ bot­tle (OMG)
2:28 am ~ dia­per
4:10 am ~ bot­tle (you did not even sleep 2 hours)
4:18 am ~ dia­per
4:25 am ~ bot­tle (are you kid­ding me, you’re hun­gry again)

This is quite an eye open­ing expe­ri­ence for Ans­ley and I’m real­ly proud of how well she is tak­ing on this task so seri­ous­ly. My favorite con­ver­sa­tion was ear­ly this morn­ing while she was sit­ting on the edge of her bed try­ing to get ready for school.…

Ans­ley: Mom, I’m so tired I’m dizzy.

Me: Wel­come to moth­er­hood. Just think if this were a real baby you would be going to school, work­ing full time & tak­ing care of a baby that gets up at night.

Ans­ley: I am NOT work­ing when I have a baby. I’m going to be a stay at home mom.

Me: I hope that plan works out for you.

I can­not wait to see what Day 3 has in store for her… so far it has been way hard­er then Days 1 and 2.


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