Fun Encaustic Background

Apr 19, 2012

This back­ground is super fun to cre­ate and sur­pris­ing­ly easy. All you need are 5 col­ored crayons, 1 white cray­on, 1 mini 3″ x 3″ can­vas, paper tow­els, nat­ur­al bees wax, a non-stick craft mat, a spat­u­la, an iron (Clover quilt­ing iron) and a heat gun.

Place the tip of each cray­on, one col­or at a time, onto the tip of the hot iron and melt onto the non-stick craft mat. To clean the tip of my iron after each cray­on I rub it clean on top of sev­er­al lay­ers of paper tow­els. Make each melt­ed blob dif­fer­ent thick­ness­es. Once the melt­ed crayons are cooled and the wax has hard­ened lift them from the non-stick craft mat using a small spat­u­la.

Break the wax blobs into dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. Place each wax piece onto the can­vas, one piece at a time then light­ly melt the wax onto the can­vas using a heat tool.

Con­tin­ue to add wax lay­ers mak­ing sure to have some areas high­er than the oth­er. Also, please note… when heat­ing with the heat tool make sure you do not over heat the wax or the col­ors will begin to melt into each oth­er cre­at­ing a mud­dy look.

Once you have all the col­ors of wax attached to the mini can­vas as you like melt the white cray­on by hold­ing it’s tip to the iron let­ting drops fall onto the can­vas. Make sure you don’t add too much white or you will lose the vibran­cy of the oth­er col­ors. Please note… you can add drops of col­or here and there to fill in areas if need­ed by touch­ing the ends of the crayons onto the iron and let­ting the melt­ed wax drip onto the can­vas.

Now here comes the real­ly fun part. Pour enough nat­ur­al bees wax pel­lets on top of the can­vas to cov­er the upper half of the can­vas. Now using your iron set on high melt the bees wax by touch­ing the pel­lets and sweep the iron in a down­ward motion. Since the col­ored wax lay­ers vary in height you will pick up wax col­ors here and there cre­at­ing a beau­ti­ful mot­tled effect for a back­ground.

Oh how I love this look. This back­ground can be left as is or is now ready to be the base for a gor­geous encaus­tic art piece. Are you inspired? I hope so.


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