And the Adventure begins…

Apr 26, 2012

The fun started before we even took off… the lady that sat next to us was most amused that is for sure. When she got off the plane she told us we were really funny and quite enjoyable… I think I saw her run as she exited the plane little did she know this was only the first half of our flight, we weren’t getting off so she was safe.

After we left St. Louis it was straight to Newark, NJ. Our driver Steve was awesome… really funny. Once we got to the Marriott we headed out to get some food. As Carolyn and I walked across to Applebee’s I stopped dead in my tracks to take a photo of the Ranger Ind. mailbox… oh how I have waited so long to see this mailbox.

And for dinner I ate this super yummy meal… Grilled Jalapeno Lime Shrimp. It was just spicy enough and was so good. Tomorrow, Carolyn and I take the train into NYC. We are so excited and cannot wait to visit Tinsel Trading Company. I’ve been wanting to go to this store for years!!!

I’ll update you tomorrow on our journey. I’m sure it will be a crazy one.


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  • Jill Wroblewski

    Thank you for letting me be a mouse on your shoulder during this exciting adventure.  You and Carolyn have a wonderful time in the city.

  • Anita Houston

    Look at you already blogging! I am here and can’t wait to meet you two…woohoo!!!

  • I believe I am so jealous that I look like lime jello.