Ranger University Day 3

Apr 30, 2012

Day 3 started out with Dyan Reaveley and her awesome funky, quirky adorable self. Her art journaling has taken the craft industry by STORM and has me quite intrigued. Dyan will be in TEXAS at The Crafty Scrapper Thursday, May 10th & Friday, May 11th and it’s all the buzz. During Dyan’s segment we played with all her Dylusions Ink Sprays, Perfect Pearls and or course her stamp sets. For this vintage, keep it clean, cream & black with a muted pop of color, kinda girl… I was INSPIRED! I was inspired with her colors, style and techniques. After lunch it was time for Tim Holtz to teach us all the super cool techniques using his Distress line.  You can pick out Tim’s unique vintage grungy style anywhere. I like that you can do vintage grunge...

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Ranger University Day 2

Apr 29, 2012

This morning we started our day with Claudine Hellmuth. Claudine is such a sweet and very funny lady. She was quite entertaining and filled our heads with so many techniques and ideas my head was spinning by the time we stopped for lunch which was some awesome square pizza. During Claudine’s class we painted, transferred, glazed and tinted. The hands on experience you get with each instructor here at Ranger is unbelievable. They give you so much information that honestly by the end of the day my brain hurt and once again was swirling with ideas. During Claudine’s class Ronda and I laughed at the difference in our work area. She ALWAYS had a little mess here and there and I ALWAYS had mine cleaned up after each technique. So typical. After Claudine finished...

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Ranger University Day 1

Apr 28, 2012

There are no words to describe how awesome it is to be so fortunate to attend Ranger U. Today was incredible from start to finish. I’ve played with all the products we used today and learned so much new information. I cannot wait to get home to play and try out all the ideas I have swirling inside my head. Each person had a personal basket of supplies and tools and we had a stack of Tim Holtz and Dylusions stamp sets to share. We got an amazing tour of the warehouse which was super interesting to see how each product was put together from start to finish. When we got to the area where they assembled the ink pads we each got to take a new pack of the new SPRING Distress Ink...

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New York City

Apr 27, 2012

Okay let me just start out saying the five years I’ve waited and wanted so badly to visit Tinsel Trading Company was so WORTH it!!! This store did not disappoint me one bit, every single square inch of this place is filled with amazing vintage and gorgeous gift items. The story of how the store came to be is a wonderful story and if you are as interested in knowing as I was chatting away with Marcia Ceppos… you can read all about it HERE. It’s a great story of how her grandfather got started. Once we left Tinsel Trading Company we headed out for a great sight seeing walking tour mapped out for us by Marcia. She basically had us walk one huge square that once finished had us right back to Penn...

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And the Adventure begins…

Apr 26, 2012

The fun started before we even took off… the lady that sat next to us was most amused that is for sure. When she got off the plane she told us we were really funny and quite enjoyable… I think I saw her run as she exited the plane little did she know this was only the first half of our flight, we weren’t getting off so she was safe. After we left St. Louis it was straight to Newark, NJ. Our driver Steve was awesome… really funny. Once we got to the Marriott we headed out to get some food. As Carolyn and I walked across to Applebee’s I stopped dead in my tracks to take a photo of the Ranger Ind. mailbox… oh how I have waited so long to see this...

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The Traveling Apron

Apr 25, 2012

The wonderful journey of my much loved apron has now begun. Saturday, it debuted at The Crafty Scrapper and now will travel to all the places this industry takes me. It’s next stop is New York City (LOL, typing New York City always makes me think of the Pace Picante Sauce commercials) then on to Ranger University in NJ. Carolyn and I leave tomorrow and we are beyond excited! Last year, my travels were haulted rather quickly due to terrible weather… all flights to NJ and surrounding areas were cancelled and I had to go home. I know there are worse things in life to have happen but I really was so sad and I’m super glad I was given the opportunity to attend this year. It’s going to be three days filled with nothing but...

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Encaustic 101

Apr 24, 2012

I finished my first encaustic collage piece and cannot wait to start another one. I plan on teaching this canvas at The Crafty Scrapper either in May or June. Carolyn and I just need to work out a date… once we decide on a date and time I will let you all know ASAP. In this class you will create an encaustic collage piece mixing new and vintage embellishments. Now, I’m off to finish up some laundry and pack for tomorrow’s adventure. Carolyn and I are going on a fun trip. I will post photos on Facebook and update you on our travels here on my blog....

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What a day…

Apr 23, 2012

Carolyn with her finished canvas Saturday, I had a wonderful time with a great group of ladies at The Crafty Scrapper. These ladies were all finding courage to try new techniques. Some needed more courage than others but each jumped right in and embraced their creative journey. No names will be given but some had never done any type of mixed media class and let’s just say this class was pretty advanced and I was SO PROUD of her when her canvas was completed. Some feared the thought of freehand painting well maybe more than some actually, maybe quite a few but they ALL did it and they ALL looked amazing. And one in class I discovered did not like getting her hands dirty. LOL, as long as I have known this lovely person...

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Apr 20, 2012

I love the word “if”. I find it to be one of the most thought provoking words and thought it worked perfectly for this tag. If I had not finally given in to my deep desire of playing with wax I would have never found out just how much I truly love this art form. I started this tag with one I blended ink and dabbed mist here and there as well as stamped the lady from “Society Lady” stamp set using Jet Black Archival Ink. Then using a Clover iron melted three different shades of green on top of the tag. Using the hot iron I spread the wax over the entire tag as well as swept some areas of the wax away showing the ink, mist and stamped areas. Once the base...

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Fun Encaustic Background

Apr 19, 2012

This background is super fun to create and surprisingly easy. All you need are 5 colored crayons, 1 white crayon, 1 mini 3″ x 3″ canvas, paper towels, natural bees wax, a non-stick craft mat, a spatula, an iron (Clover quilting iron) and a heat gun. Place the tip of each crayon, one color at a time, onto the tip of the hot iron and melt onto the non-stick craft mat. To clean the tip of my iron after each crayon I rub it clean on top of several layers of paper towels. Make each melted blob different thicknesses. Once the melted crayons are cooled and the wax has hardened lift them from the non-stick craft mat using a small spatula. Break the wax blobs into different shapes and sizes. Place each wax piece onto...

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Late Night Creative Play

Apr 18, 2012

I was playing late into the night with Bees Wax and thought I would give you a keeping it real photo of my work area. Maybe this is why I love junk shops and thrift stores so much… the messier the better. You’ll find all kinds of things in this photo… finished projects, dried flowers, lace, buttons, sheet music, bees wax etc… all the things I love. Encaustic art is were I want to remain. I love the smell of melting wax, I love how it swirls, bubbles and flows. It’s been quite a journey getting to this place but this place feels natural, effortless and makes me so happy. This piece is still in the works. I love how dried flowers look underneath layers natural bees wax. I’m not sure how this piece...

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In The Works

Apr 17, 2012

Yesterday, I played with wax and must admit Encaustic art makes my heart happy. This canvas piece is still in the works but I love how it is turning out. The soft white and hues of cream make me swoon. The tiny doily is made by my mom. It was just too perfect not to use in this piece.  I’m thinking this might be a fun class to teach at “The Crafty Scrapper”, in the near future. What are your thoughts? I love how different these two mini canvas pieces are yet the colors are the same. It was so much fun experimenting with different tools and embellishments… doilies, dried flowers and small feathers are perfect additions for encaustic work. This one is one is my favorite. The photo is of my grandmother and mom...

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An Artist Cannot Fail ~ Encaustic

Apr 16, 2012

I’ve been intrigued with encaustic art for a long time, so this week I pulled out my Heat Tool, Iron and Melting Pot along with some Bees Wax, Crayons, Balzer Designs Stencils and Antiquated Collection Stamp Sets. I hope you enjoy this weeks installment of my “An Artist Cannot Fail” blog series and give this fun medium a try. There is something so fun about melting crayons… maybe it’s the doing something you weren’t supposed to do as a child thing… the thought of striking a match or playing with a lighter to melt a crayon scared me to death. The only melted crayon I ever found was one my little sister might have dropped in the car. Texas summers are instant death for crayons. On the ATC above I first applied a layer of...

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Modern meets Vintage

Apr 13, 2012

When I saw Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog post HERE I was super intrigued with the color combinations she used with my Antiquated Collection stamp sets. Julie’s pieces have a modern meets vintage feel that blends together beautifully. So I thought I would give it try and see what happened. I gotta say, I have really enjoyed this week of playing and experimenting with new products and different techniques. To get started, I first sprayed Maya Mist onto my tag and dried it with a heat tool. Next I stamped the tag with the Antiquated Collection Perfumery stamp set using Jet Black Archival Ink. Once I had the background as I liked it. I stamped the lady from the Antiquated Collection Society Lady stamp set. To give the tag dimension I traced leaves around the tags...

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Just Playing

Apr 12, 2012

I’ve found a new love… melting wax. The tag you see is a little sneak of what I will share with you Monday, for the second installment of my  “An Artist Cannot Fail” blog series. I’m really having fun experimenting with different mediums that I’ve wanted to try for so long. I have lots of papercrafting responsibilities so it’s hard to take time to just play and experiment with different mediums and techniques. I love encaustic art and have a strong desire to learn and experiment more in this area. I can see a new addiction coming to my studio real soon. So what are you waiting for… experiment....

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I’m a Grandmother

Apr 11, 2012

Well a grandmother for only a few days. Gosh did I ever have fun texting my sister, “I’m going to be a grandmother” she has never called me back so fast ever. Texting Terri she was going to be an “Aunt” was pretty fun too. Our texting session went like this… Me: You are going to be an Aunt Terri: To what? Me: A baby Terri: This is a joke right? Me: No (technically it is a baby… right?) Terri: Answer your phone So back to Ansley, she is taking care of Luke for her Child Development class and I think this is the best experience ever for a teenager! Ansley has had to take Luke to work with her (Big thanks to her boss, Candy) and has to take care of Luke’s each...

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Apr 10, 2012

I always get asked “What are you going to do with these”? when I’m digging in flea markets and such for little treasures to use in projects and such. So I thought I would give you a little insight into my head. Warning: Enter at your own risk! It’s a scary place inside this head of mine. I love adding to my ever growing, tarnished, slightly scratched and dented thimble collection. Oh how I love tarnished, slightly scratched and dented everything as well as tattered, torn and frayed. So here goes… 15 seconds inside my head. Accent for a shadow box Charm for a necklace or bracelet Tiny pot for vintage flowers Cute miniature cupcake GASP… smashed flat… an embellishment for a heritage themed mini album or layout Base for a miniature ornament You all...

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An Artist Cannot Fail…

Apr 9, 2012

While kitting for my class “Art Requires Courage” I was thinking how true these words are, especially to me. Stepping out of my comfort zone of all things vintage like buttons, pearls, old papers and trims and into the world of stencils, mists, paints and ink takes courage. I know I can do all things vintage. This style is as comfortable as wearing a pair of TOMS but breaking out of the creative box is hard and scary. I’m determined to give it a go because I have ideas and I’m determined. Even if breaking out of the box does not feel natural or I make so many mistakes I fill up a trash can, I’m determined. So, this being said, each Monday I am going to post an “Art Requires Courage” project. This...

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Art Requires Courage ~ Canvas Class

Apr 6, 2012

I’m so looking forward to teaching my “Art Requires Courage” canvas class Saturday, April 21st. Class starts at 10:00 a.m. and will take approximately 4 hours to complete. Carolyn told me I have just 4 slots left so if you want to join me and learn some fun mixed media techniques please call Carolyn at The Crafty Scrapper 972.923.3151. The cost for the class is $45.00. In this mixed media class you will alter an 8″ x 10″ canvas using an eclectic mixture of elements such as chicken wire, vintage papers, stamped images, textiles, paint and glitter. I will show you how to create a faux stamped metal accent as well as a faux tin type photograph using a vintage spoon. We will alter silk leaves to look as though they have been air dried and accent your canvas...

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Everything Has A Story

Apr 5, 2012

When I see items in thrift stores, flea markets or antique shops I always wonder who owned the things I come across. I wonder things like how many people ate a meal with this fork or spoon, who stitched every single stitch by hand on this stained sampler, how many dishes did this tattered dish towel dry, or how many times were these rhinestone earrings worn to a dance or party, who are the people in these old photos and where are their family members today? I could go on and on and on with all the questions that run through my head. Every item I come across has a story and I wish I knew all their stories. You see for me it is the story that inspires my art. It is the...

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Felted Flower

Apr 4, 2012

I have been having so much fun needle felting. Pretty much each night while Alan and I are watching a movie or TV show I’m felting. I find it very relaxing. The flower shown in the photo above is going to be placed onto a tote bag I think. I posted a step by step tutorial to recreate the flower in my Tips, Techniques and Tutorials online workshop. If you are registered for this workshop make sure you check it out. If you are not registered for this online workshop it is never too late. You can register anytime and have access to all the tutorials I’ve posted over the past several years.  You can read more about this online workshop HERE. To me it is so fun to take a piece of wool...

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