Olivia at 1 Month

Mar 6, 2012

It is hard to believe Olivia is already a month old. A few weeks ago my moth­er and father-in-law went to meet their newest grand­daugh­ter for the first time. Need­less to say they are in love and got in as many snug­gles as pos­si­ble. There is noth­ing cuter, sweet­er or more demand­ing than a new baby. Dou­glas and Karen have sur­vived the first month with­out too much sleep depri­va­tion and are enjoy­ing Olivia tremen­dous­ly.

I must admit it seems so odd to me see­ing pho­tos of Dou­glas feed­ing and burp­ing a baby. I first met him when he was 18 and just out of high school prepar­ing to head off to Texas A&M. Once Dou­glas grad­u­at­ed he moved to Dal­las not too far from where we lived. He would come over some week­ends to see us and play with Ter­ri and Ans­ley. They loved see­ing their uncle Doug. While I was cook­ing him a meal and wash­ing his clothes he was teach­ing them how to do annoy­ing tricks which they LOVED. The one that still to this day makes my stom­ach turn and is THEIR favorite is to have one eye look­ing right at you and make the oth­er one look off to the side. Ugh, it just makes me gag think­ing about it.

Dou­glas would also get our lit­tle Bea­gle all excit­ed and hap­py say­ing, Addy, Addy, Addy over and over in a real high pitched voice which would then make her wig­gle and run around in hap­pi­ness and pee on the floor. After he wreaked hav­oc on our home, taught the kids tricks, had a stom­ach full of food and clothes washed, dried, hung and fold­ed he would go home and two lit­tle girls and one lit­tle pup­py would be so sad, yet eager for the next, Uncle Doug vis­it.

It real­ly is true that life is filled with lit­tle moments that add up to such cher­ished mem­o­ries. See­ing Dou­glas with Olivia makes me real­ize look­ing back just how lucky Ter­ri and Ans­ley are to have him as an uncle and Olivia is very lucky to have him for a dad.

And this trio of pho­tos has to make the grump­i­est of peo­ple smile. I mean real­ly, how can you not? I’m not sure which one is the hap­pi­est Dou­glas or Olivia.


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