For The Love of Peeps

Mar 21, 2012

Ahhh, it’s spring­time which means flow­ers bloom­ing, birds tweet­ing, the leaves on trees are a beau­ti­ful spring green AND the shelves in Tar­get, Walgreen’s and Tom Thumb are FILLED with PEEPS! I love Peeps fresh from the pack­age, dried out and a bit chewy or warmed in the microwave does not mat­ter how they are given to me I will eat them. I do find it strange though that I pre­fer the yel­low chicks and pink bun­nies over the other col­ors. The taste is the same but for some rea­son the yel­low chicks and pink bun­nies are more appeal­ing to me. Maybe it’s because I always got yel­low chicks and pink bunny Peeps as a child every Easter.

Since I’m addicted to Pin­ter­est, I did a lit­tle search for “Peeps” and look at all the won­der­ful things I found to make using “Peeps”. I plan on mak­ing sev­eral of these cute edibles.

These “Peeps Cup­cakes” will be too cute sit­ting among my “Bird Nest Cupcakes”.

These “Peeps Pops” look fun to make.

This “Peeps Lemon Curd Cakes” looks YUMMY!

These “Peeps In A Nest” are really sim­ple to make.

And how fun would these “Peeps S’Mores” be to hand out to your neighbors.

“Peeps On A Stick” now this is about as sim­ple as it gets.

This “Peeps Sun­flower Cake” looks really fun to make.

And I would PASS OUT if I received this box of “Choco­late Cov­ered Peeps”.

This “Easter Cen­ter­piece” is adorable but all I can think about is get­ting caught sneak­ing out a peep or two.

Ok, I’ve chat­ted your ear off enough about my love for “Peeps” but seri­ously, how can these not make your taste buds happy and bring a smile to your face?

Sweet­est Hugs!

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  • Amy


  • Bev

    Isn’t it amaz­ing what we can find on Pin­ter­est? I love to search for any and all things craft related and then start look­ing at blogs of who made the items and branch­ing off from that to blogs that they like. It’s a fun way to spend a few hours if avail­able and to learn var­i­ous tech­niques and see new craft ideas.

    Peeps are awe­some and I always look for­ward to Easter to eat those {yel­low please} and even more so the Cad­bury choco­late eggs.

    • Amy

      Yumm.…Cadbury choco­late eggs!