In Honor of Spring

Mar 20, 2012

Since today is the first day of Spring what better way to celebrate than with a book giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which “Season” is your favorite and why. I will announce the winner of my book “Delight In The Seasons”, Friday.

I love all the seasons but summer in Texas is my least favorite. The fun holidays and celebrations that come along  like birthdays, vacations, weddings, Independence Day etc., certainly helps make up for the 100+ degree temperatures BUT I still do not like summer. So, leave a comment for your chance to win… I can’t wait to read about your favorite season.

Good Luck.


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  • Paul B

    Each season is a favourite for different reasons, but if I was to pick just one, it would be Spring. With each passing year, I grow less & less fond of Winter. It’s cold, it’s dark and nature has withdrawn. But without it, I wouldn’t feel the joy of seeing days get lighter and longer, of blossom appearing on trees, or spring flowers bringing colour to the world again. I’m typing this as the sun is beaming through my window & I couldn’t be happier. Px

  • Kate

    Hi Lisa,
    I am jumping at the chance to win one of your books. I love fall. I love fresh baked apple pies, apple cider, pumpkin candles, sweaters, apple picking with the kids, cold breezes and I could go on. Fall is so fun in our house. I love the its the season before Christmas. We are all excited thinking about decorating ideas and yummy food. It is also the season I start crafting non-stop to get Christmas gifts together. What is there not to love about fall in NY.

  • I’m loving that today is the first day of Spring. The Robin’s have arrived and are feeding at the feeders. The promise of new life in the perennial beds is apparent. My windows have been open and the furnace is off! IT HAS to be Spring!

  • Jesa

    My favorite season is fall. The weather is nice and cool but the sun is soft & warm, I can use my boots & sweaters, the trees begin loosing their leaves and the days seem longer.

  • conniemelancon

    Living in Louisiana I know about those hot summers! BUT Summer is still my favorite. I love the longer days, boating, fishing, working in the yard and watching my grandson play ball. Thanks for a chance to win your book.

  • SusanK

    All the seasons have their merits but my favorite season is fall! I love the color palette mother nature has chosen. I’m ready for cooler temps, drier days, a little less bright sky. My art takes a different twist, I’m ready to relax and let the ideas stream in…hopefully they do!

  • My favorite season is Fall! The colors are just so inspiring – I find most of my favorite papercraft projects are geared around the colors of Fall. The smells in the air, the beautiful colorful piles of leaves, walks in the woods, cozy sweaters. Though it is so lovely to see signs of Spring – Fall is by far my favorite!

  • Patti

    I love fall, the colors the smells, the trips to the apple orchard. It somehow is very calming to me.

    • Congratulations, Patti. You are the winner of my book “Delight In The Seasons”.

  • If we actually had a Spring-I’m sure I’d like it!

  • Marsha F

    My favorite season is Spring. We don’t have much of it here, but it’s still my favorite!

  • I love all the New England seasons, but spring has to be the best since summer is right behind. So much possibility…so much inspiration everywhere you look. I have the most energy in the spring and I’m quite sure I smile the most during the spring months, too. Clean closets, fresh turned dirt in the gardens,bike rides to the beach, and daffodils in full bloom around the mailbox. Spring is special.

  • Cheryl Van Norman

    I Love Spring the best- not too cold and not too hot- just right. Always feel renewed in everything-life, crafts, etc.., Thanks for a chance to win this book, I have your first book and go to it all the time.

  • Hi Lisa,
    my favorite season is spring… i luv planning which plants to purchase and the junking always gets better in the spring….hugs…tabitha

  • Chris

    Autumn has to be my favourite. I love it when the leaves on the trees change colour, all the beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. I love to wrap up and walk in the forest, scrunching through the fallen leaves.

  • Johanne L.

    I would love to win a copy of your book. My favorite season is spring because the days become warmer and the snow melts. We had a lot of snow this year. Thanks for the chance,

  • Julie Bonomo

    My favorite season is FALL! Love all the vibrant colors of the leaves, cool/crisp temperatures, and most of all the food of fall: soups, root vegetables (beets, sweet potatoes/yams, etc.) and the anticipation of the holiday season. Your first book was a revelation to me with all the fabulous ideas. Thank you!

  • luckysmom

    My favorite season has always been summer. I grew up in Minnesota and loved swimming in lakes and summer was the the only time it was warm enough to do that. I now live in Northern California, but I still love summer the best. I just wished it rained a little more.

  • Julie

    Oh Lisa – it has to be the fall. Cooling off, a few colors in Texas, and Artistic Journey is around the corner.

  • kip mitchell

    I love summer even though it’s hot as blazes down here in Florida. I love our summer rains and how it stays light til 9pm and I love swimming in my pool and being lazy!!

  • I love the change of seasons; especially late summer into early fall and winter into spring. So much anticipation!

    The book looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kris Martinez

    I grew up in the Midwest and was used to the changing seasons. After living in California for the last 30+ years, I have become used to very subtle changes and am often suffer bouts of nostalgia for more dramatic changes that occur “back home”. I love Fall with the beauty of leaves changing into gorgeous colors and the smell of burning leaves at the lake as people close up their cottages for the end of the season.

  • Well. that’s a hard question…I LOVE spring, and Fall. Spring because of the newness of everything! and Fall because I love the holidays and the trees turning are my favorite!! Summer….ot so much…we get over 100 and as I get older I really dislike it! :-) Thanks for the wonderful giveaway Lisa!

  • Oh, Lisa, a chance for your gorgeous book????
    I LOVE the fall…marching band competitions, football,mums, colorful leaves, our annual fishing trip to Minnesota, hot coffee in the morning on the deck….I could go on and on. Spring in the Midwest means tornado season to me, and I have a real healthy respect for the wind…Dorothy and Toto come to mind!


  • SuZeQ

    Being chosen as the winner would DELIGHT me to no end. I already have your first book so this would complement it and now we’re on to a collection. By far, Spring is my favorite season. It’s like birth every day – flowers, leaves on the trees, green grass, sunshine, longer days, warmer temperatures and those chirping birds. Of course, there’s always those horrific thunderstorms … but I still go with Spring! Thank you for your generosity!

  • Mel H

    I love late spring, when my irises start to bloom and before it gets too hot. When we can go outside and play catch, and catch fireflies at night. When the breezes are still cool in the evening, and the grass is still green and hasn’t started to die back for the heat of summer.

  • Linda Ellis

    My favorite Season is Fall. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The art choices are endless whether it be scrapbook pages, cards, altered art………can’t get enough. Though Spring comes in second. Who can resist the beautiful colors of Spring especially before the “heat” of a Texas summer.

  • Ashley Wood

    Definitely Fall! Louisiana summers (just like Texas) are killer. But by October, Fall finally sets in, and it’s like a sigh of relief. The foliage changes color, pumpkins pop up on people’s doorsteps, and you can finally sit outside without puddling. haha.

  • Fall is my most favorite after a hot steamy summer. I love sweater weather, and all the beautiful leaves.

  • SusanS

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books!

    I prefer the Spring time here in Southern California. The weather is cooler, breezier, and a little rain. I definitely don’t like summer time… too hot.

  • Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite season is Spring, for all the beautiful flowers that bloom. Second is fall – in TX – since we can finally go outside and enjoy it.

  • Carol Beck

    My favorite holiday has always been Christmas. It was really big in my family growing up & the tradition lives on!

  • Jalayne Salzman

    This is not a hard question at all. I LOVE fall!!!! Being a Texan all my life and living through HOT summers, I am always anxiously looking for those first crisp, cool days. The gorgeous colors on the trees and in the household decorations remind me all over again of God’s goodness to us. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it is in the Fall!!! There is no pressure to shop and buy gifts that no one needs. There is a time to gather as families and remember how God has blessed through the year. It is a time to be outdoors and laugh and just enjoy being alive. I am thankful that you challenge us with incredible ideas so that we as creative people can be inspired and realize that the sky is the limit in creativity. :)

  • Rhonda Ensey

    I love Fall the best….. pumpkins and the flavors and holidays…. and usually an end to the unbearable Texas heat. I do adore spring too but oh my the allergies…..
    I love your books…. hope I’m lucky!

  • Susan McMenamin

    Autumn is my favorite season. The musky scent of leaves, the anticipation for the holidays to come, and spectacular sunsets. Love it!!

  • Since we moved to the high Arizona desert seven years ago, spring has become my favorite season. The colors of spring errupt here and are more vivid and bright than most people would believe. The cactus blossoms are huge and complex and a trip to the botanical gardens in spring is a wonder. Everyone should experience spring in the desert for themselves.

  • Debra

    Without hesitation I will say my favorite season is the Fall. Things are winding down,cozy blankets come ot, people gather to celebrate harvested items. The weather cools, the leaves give us a spectacular color show. Cider and donuts, apples and pumpkins. Children are excited and back to school. Food is canned and ready for winter, Halloween decorations, family dinners, Thanksgiving. I will always remember my father this time of year. He had a small farm and we would get together and can. He would make his fabulous oatmeal cookies, I would make pies with the ymmy Northern spy apples only available in the late fall. Its a sad too, this time of year, like a good book you don’t want to end. Its the Fall that makes me appreciate the rest of the year.

  • Name*lori p

    my favorite season is fall….i love the crisp air. leaves falling & sweaters! The MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

  • Scarlette McGeeney

    I love Christmas. Here in NY by the time this holiday comes the weather is cold and there is not much fun going on outside. This holiday brings the Joy into our homes in decor and merry music.

  • Right now I am loving the Spring it is unseasonably warm and things are blooming much faster. The birds are singing their welcome back songs and the peep frogs are so loud you could possibly go deaf listening to them. My all time favorite season is Fall love the smells, colors of the leaves as they change and fall (running through the leaves is so much fun) the foods that we cook (apple pies, candy apples,
    fresh cider. The Fall has so many different crafting reasons back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving & just fall in itself gives us great ideas to scrap or craft. Thanks for the chance to win your new book. Hugs

  • By far, my favorite season is summer. I love the easy, laid back feeling of summer. Cookouts, swimming, fresh fruits and vegetables, early morning walks, having a glass of wine sitting on the desk in the evening, I love it all! Thanks for the opportunity to win your wonderful book!

  • Linda Forsythe

    Since I live in New Mexico and I am blessed to be part of all four of the seasons, and I love them all, my absolute favorite is winter. Because I am a papercrafter – getting lots of cool ideas from Lisa Pace – I particularly like bright white, sparkley snowflakes on blue paper of all different hues. It is so hard to choose really because I love when NM turns green and flowers bloom, plus the magnificent sunsets. My husband and I enjoy cooking out in the summer and having family and friends over to enjoy our roses and grass. Fall is another favorite because of the bright orange, red, bnurgandy, yellow and green leaves and Halloween. My house bursts with color for fall and so do my cards. Christmas has always been a favorite holiday. I love to make handmade items for my kids, grandkids, and friends so they know how special they are to me. I make cards for my family for every holiday and during the year to just say I am thinking of you and I love you. I have Lisa’s book Delight in the Details that is my go-to book for so much inspiration. I wrote a note in the front when I bought it – thank you Lisa for inspiring me every day to take time to craft.

  • Mary

    Spring Everything is fresh clean & new It’s warm again. The air is light & it stays light longer outside too There are new baby animals flowers You don’t have to wear coats

  • Amy Holmes

    Winter is my favorite season. Mainly because, just like you Lisa, I live in Texas and it seems to be the only season we get a break from HOT temps! LOL! Plus, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are two of my favorite holidays to craft. Both of those days represent Love to me and I enjoy making things for those I Love. I adore your first book (I have it) and appreciate the chance to win your second book. It looks even more amazing than the first book, is that’s possible. Thank-you for all the inspiration you give people with your projects.

  • Glynda Olive

    Winter is my favorite season. I’ve recently moved to West Virginia and having lived in Louisiana most of my life, I love the snow! (I love too that we actually have four seasons up here unlike the two in Louisiana)!

  • Bev

    I live in Florida and like you I do not like summer. When I was younger I could handle to heat and stay out in the sun for long periods of time but now that I am older I prefer to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. I actually think winter is my favorite season in Florida. I love holidays, wearing sweaters, sitting in front of the fireplace, hot cocoa, etc. I also have a home in North Carolina and there is nothing more beautiful to me than spring when the dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom…absolutely a breathtaking site.

  • Bethany Becker

    I live in Arizona and my favorite season is fall. It is starting to cool off, the colors are changing and my favorite holidays will soon be approaching. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • oh wow – what a great treat – a chance to win your newest book. I fell in LOVE with your first one. O.k. so my favorite season is definitely Halloween – I love decorating for it and love to creat fun halloween “vintage” inspired crafts. I also like the change in weather and especially the idea of knowing that we are in the Holiday route leading up to Christmas….

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • LoriC

    Not commenting to win. I already own this amazing book. I love to look at it all the time, hmmmm maybe I do need another copy for when I wear mine out. Crafters, if you don’t win, go out and buy it! You will love it. No, I don’t know Lisa and no I am not being paid for this comment. :)

  • in the Philippines, we only have 2 seasons, rainy and summer. summer is when the kids are off form school and we can go on vacation so that is my favorite even if it is soooooo hot!