Flea Market Finds

Mar 30, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of flea mar­ket and antique shop­ping with my mom and dad over the past few months. We all have the “Thrill of The Hunt” gene deep with­in our DNA. It is so fun just head­ing out to dig hav­ing no idea what you will find that day. This past week­end when Ter­ri and I went down to sur­prise them I found a few things that I can­not wait to incor­po­rate into projects.

Every­thing I found was minia­ture which I LOVE so much. The two tart tins are going to be turned into a two tiered piece to store tiny baubles on my work table. It will be the per­fect size and look so cute.

These adorable birth­day cake can­dle hold­ers will work per­fect­ly in a shad­ow box project. I love this shade of green as it reminds me of vin­tage Jadeite dish­es.

These demi­tasse spoons will also be per­fect for shad­ow box­es or ban­ners. The han­dles have such a pret­ty design. Dad found these for me. I tell ya, hav­ing mom and dad dig­ging for you is awe­some. All I have to do is give them a list of what I’m look­ing for and BAM they are on it and find amaz­ing things. I will have to show you the stash of minia­ture per­fume bot­tles mom found me when they were on an antique jaunt with my Aunt Bren­da. She scored big time for me.

I also found these awe­some ear­rings, but­tons and thim­bles. I plan on tak­ing the ear­ring backs off and using them as embell­ish­ments. The but­tons will be sewn into projects and the thim­bles, well I have been col­lect­ing these like crazy from all over (I have per­son­al pick­ers all over the US) I have big plans for these. Well tell you about that lat­er.

Then I found two zip-lock bag­gies full of all kinds of gro­cery store trad­ing stamps. These are the kind you redeemed for cat­a­log prod­ucts. I was way excit­ed about these because they are per­fect to add here and there on projects.

Today, I wish I was out­side dig­ging in flea mar­kets, but instead, I’m dig­ging inside my scrap­room for projects to sell dur­ing my “Trunk Show” tomor­row. At the moment, my kitchen table is over­flow­ing with projects, cards, tags and kits. I think Alan will be real­ly hap­py to see these leave the house tomor­row.


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