Felting Bunnies

Mar 1, 2012

Lately, I have really been interested in the art of felting. So the other night while I was sitting with Alan watching American Idol a few nights ago I  tried making a bunny. I cannot just sit and do nothing when watching TV, it makes me a nervous wreck, so felting is something that works perfectly for me.  THIS picture TUTORIAL is what I used to make the bunny shown above. I thought instead of using yarn to make the head and body and felt to create the ears I could make them using wool roving. This is an easy way to learn how to make adorable little bunnies. Mine stands a little less than 3″ tall.

  Last night, while watching American Idol once again, I started another bunny, but this time I’m going to cover the pipe cleaners with wool roving instead of leaving them as I did in the first one. I will like the look much better. Then I’m going to actually try and sew her a little dress. Caroline said it is easy… we will see how easy her easy is.


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  • santa

    Love the bunnies!

  • Name*belinda

    So cute! I think you need to make one for mad and bellies Easter baskets.

  • she’s SO sweet!

  • Oh, how cute are those! That is adorable.

  • She is just the most darling bunny! I’d love for you to teach this as a class. I’ve always wanted to learn felting, so I can make some bunnies too! :)