A Wilton Grad Confession

Feb 29, 2012

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a Wilton cake dec­o­rat­ing grad­u­ate. I’ve dec­o­rat­ed cakes and cup­cakes for years but I do have a lit­tle secret that I must share/confess. If you are in a crunch for time this cake is awe­some, easy and keeps your kitchen spot­less (well as spot­less as it was before you start­ed, this cake is amaz­ing but not a mir­a­cle work­er) there is no mess to clean up what so ever.

So what’s the secret you ask… well, I’m super lucky that Tom Thumb (local gro­cery store) is just around the cor­ner from our house. Their bak­ery makes an incred­i­ble fudge iced choco­late 8 in. round dou­ble lay­ered cake. It’s only $7.99 if you use your rewards card or $11.99 if you don’t. Ans­ley loves it and we have been known to dri­ve to Tom Thumb just before it clos­es to get one to fix a choco­late crav­ing or two.

Yes­ter­day, I was a bit crunched for time but I want­ed Ans­ley to have a birth­day cake sit­ting on the kitchen table when she came home from school at 2:30. So I ran up to Tom Thumb, bought her favorite fudge iced choco­late dou­ble lay­ered cake, a box of Whop­pers, a bag of Reese’s Peanut But­ter Cup Min­is and a bag of Her­shey’s Choco­late Drops. When I got home I took the cake out of their con­tain­er, placed it on a vin­tage glass cake plate, sprin­kled Whop­pers, Peanut But­ter Cups and Choco­late Drops on top, added 18 can­dles and BAM done. Super amaz­ing fudge iced choco­late dou­ble lay­ered seri­ous choco­late over­load birth­day cake that is per­fect for any choc-o-holic.

Now here is the amaz­ing part… since she has quite a few can­dles on her cake now, the heat from the can­dles melts the choco­late can­dies just a bit. When you bite into your slice it is a lit­tle bit of heav­en… slight­ly melt­ed choco­late can­dies with fudge icing and choco­late cake… scrump­tious. AND since it is your birth­day it’s calo­rie free.

Just look­ing at this cake makes me crave a tall glass of milk.



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