Feb 13, 2012

You need to check out the lat­est Maya Road Design­er’s Chal­lenge Inspi­ra­tion Book. Click HERE and you will see some real­ly super cute tags that sev­er­al of the Maya Road design team mem­bers cre­at­ed, after Car­o­line gave us a 7 prod­uct chal­lenge.

And I have to show you this super cute neck­lace Shel­ley Hagan­man sent me for my birth­day. She makes the cutest flair but­tons. The flair but­tons for the neck­lace are mag­net­ic so I can put which ever but­ton I feel like wear­ing at the moment. And I must say I do think it is all about keep­ing calm and glit­ter­ing on. I find the glit­ter part eas­i­er than the calm part though… got­ta be hon­est. If you’re not famil­iar with Shel­ley’s etsy store “A Flair for But­tons” you real­ly need to take a peek. It’s filled with lots of adorable flair but­tons.

Ok off to mail some prizes and then head back into my stu­dio to get some projects com­plet­ed. I have 24 items that need to be fin­ished ASAP for a real­ly super amaz­ing excit­ing ven­ture I have ahead of me. I so can­not wait to talk about this one. It makes me squeal and do the hap­py dance all at the same time. And friends that is a sight for sore eyes, just say­ing. :)


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