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Feb 23, 2012

Yesterday, in between laundry and cleaning I did a little bit of playing and created this bracelet and spoon charm for a necklace. I really do enjoy putting odds and ends together to create unique pieces of jewelry. I love wearing things I’ve made because I can make them as funky as I want and I like funky jewelry a lot.

I really like digging in the tins I have that hold all my baubles. I save EVERYTHING no matter how tiny because I am always thinking I will find the perfect project for it someday. I’ve had the little copper heart charm for YEARS. It finally found it’s home on a bracelet.

And these dried flowers… I have no clue how long I’ve had these but I think they are perfect resting inside this spoon charm. This was an experiment that had a very happy ending. I wasn’t sure how what I had in my head was going to translate into this piece but I’m glad it worked out. I cannot wait to wear it this weekend at The Crafty Scrapper.


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  • Kirsten Alicia

    So beautiful.

  • Diane Dainis

    Gorgeous! Are the flowers held in with resin?

  • Pam


  • santa

    Love the spoon flower combo.

  • Love that spoon!!! How did you adhere the flowers… glue, wax???

  • Oh my…how beautiful is that!
    I’m curious….when you say spoon charm, is that a real charm, or a real spoon? And if it is a real spoon(I imagine a tiny sugar spoon maybe), how did you secure it to the bracelet?
    I’m inspired, and may try something like it for my friend….she’s a spoony kind of gal!

    • It is both a real spoon that I made into a charm for a necklace. It is made from an old serving spoon.