Creative Play

Feb 23, 2012

Yes­ter­day, in between laun­dry and clean­ing I did a lit­tle bit of play­ing and cre­at­ed this bracelet and spoon charm for a neck­lace. I real­ly do enjoy putting odds and ends togeth­er to cre­ate unique pieces of jew­el­ry. I love wear­ing things I’ve made because I can make them as funky as I want and I like funky jew­el­ry a lot.

I real­ly like dig­ging in the tins I have that hold all my baubles. I save EVERYTHING no mat­ter how tiny because I am always think­ing I will find the per­fect project for it some­day. I’ve had the lit­tle cop­per heart charm for YEARS. It final­ly found it’s home on a bracelet.

And these dried flow­ers… I have no clue how long I’ve had these but I think they are per­fect rest­ing inside this spoon charm. This was an exper­i­ment that had a very hap­py end­ing. I was­n’t sure how what I had in my head was going to trans­late into this piece but I’m glad it worked out. I can­not wait to wear it this week­end at The Crafty Scrap­per.


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