Coming out of my CHA fog

Feb 3, 2012

I have to say, this has been the most exhaust­ing CHA I’ve ever attend­ed. I had the best of inten­tions to post each evening I got back to my room about the days hap­pen­ing but each night, I was in bed asleep 30 min­utes after I returned to my room. It was go, go, go, go every sec­ond of every day. And I have the aching feet to prove it. My good­ness my feet have nev­er hurt so much. But my book sign­ings and demo were great, the Maya Road make-n-take table was super busy and super pop­u­lar, peo­ple I chat­ted with about my stamp sets liked see­ing the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion Stamp line up close and in per­son and I just might have a real­ly cool ven­ture to share in the months to come… fin­gers crossed super, super tight. Wait­ing is always so hard.

Okay, now let me show you four super cute projects cre­at­ed by some Maya Road of the design team. The projects the team cre­at­ed for this show were so incred­i­ble… I mean jaw drop­ping awe­some!

Can­vas cre­at­ed by Maya Road Design Team Mem­ber ~ Andrea

Mini Album cre­at­ed by Jes­si­ca for Maya Road

Card cre­at­ed by Maya Road Design Team Mem­ber ~ Julia

Mini Album cre­at­ed by Maya Road Design Team Mem­ber ~ Ania

Lay­out cre­at­ed by Maya Road Design Team Mem­ber ~ Emi­ly

Tomor­row, I will post the can­vas each Maya Road DT mem­ber cre­at­ed for the booth. You will find loads of inspi­ra­tion… promise!

Home Sweet Home Hugs!


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