A Wilton Grad Confession

Feb 29, 2012

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a Wilton cake decorating graduate. I’ve decorated cakes and cupcakes for years but I do have a little secret that I must share/confess. If you are in a crunch for time this cake is awesome, easy and keeps your kitchen spotless (well as spotless as it was before you started, this cake is amazing but not a miracle worker) there is no mess to clean up what so ever. So what’s the secret you ask… well, I’m super lucky that Tom Thumb (local grocery store) is just around the corner from our house. Their bakery makes an incredible fudge iced chocolate 8 in. round double layered cake. It’s only $7.99 if you use your rewards card or $11.99 if you don’t. Ansley loves it and we have been...

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She is 18

Feb 28, 2012

Ansley   “Wishing YOU everything HAPPY for YOUR birthday”. I love you,...

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What a wonderful weekend…

Feb 27, 2012

Friday night was so much fun. I still cannot believe I was sitting at the table signing two books I created and wrote. Crazy I tell ya. Just goes to show , if you just keep working and moving forward, as the days add up it is amazing where you will end. Carolyn’s store, The Crafty Scrapper is such a happy place. Her employees are all so wonderful, her endless supply of amazing product is mind blowing and well Carolyn is pretty wonderful herself. Her son Denton is such a sweetheart. He gave me  flowers that were sprayed with a light dusting of glitter. How sweet was that! He can do no wrong in my eyes. I love that little boy something fierce. Caroline even drove down to be there which was really appreciated....

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Featured Artist ~ Melissa Phillips

Feb 24, 2012

I love Melissa Phillips, not only is she super talented she is super sweet too! I was thrilled when I saw what she created using the Society Lady stamp set from my Antiquated Collection. Her “Enjoy” card is simply gorgeous! And now look at the adorable heart pillow Melissa created. I love the tag she made using the Society Lady stamp. This tag looks so dreamy and accents her pillow perfectly. Next week, I will show you a few more items Melissa created using the Antiquated Collection stamp sets. You are going to love them! Now I’m off to load up my car and head down to Waxahachie for some fun at The Crafty Scrapper. Tonight is my book signing and a fun free make n take using the Antiquated Collection ~ Perfumery stamp...

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Creative Play

Feb 23, 2012

Yesterday, in between laundry and cleaning I did a little bit of playing and created this bracelet and spoon charm for a necklace. I really do enjoy putting odds and ends together to create unique pieces of jewelry. I love wearing things I’ve made because I can make them as funky as I want and I like funky jewelry a lot. I really like digging in the tins I have that hold all my baubles. I save EVERYTHING no matter how tiny because I am always thinking I will find the perfect project for it someday. I’ve had the little copper heart charm for YEARS. It finally found it’s home on a bracelet. And these dried flowers… I have no clue how long I’ve had these but I think they are perfect resting inside this...

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Tiny Baubles

Feb 22, 2012

I have no idea what I’m going to do with these miniature altered tins but I did enjoy making them. Creating with no real purpose does not happen that often for me so I appreciate this time when it comes. Filling the tins with tiny baubles from thrift store finds was fun. These would look really cute as magnets but then I thought maybe I could attach them to the front of a vintage bottle… decisions, decisions, decisions. But this is what happens when I create in the middle of the night with no real purpose. I get an idea, make it then figure out what to do with it later. I’m really leaning towards attaching them to a bottle and I think I just saw the perfect bottle sitting on the top shelf...

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So many doors..

Feb 20, 2012

You never know when opportunity will come knocking on your door. And I’m happy to say it came knocking on mine while I was attending CHA. This opportunity came completely out of the blue and was totally unexpected and certainly not planned. For the past 10 days (reason for my lack of blog posts) I have created into the wee hours of the morning, slept 4 or 5 hours, created all day, took a 2 hour nap, created into the wee hours of the morning and started the process all over again. In the end I created 64 items and all but 13 were chosen. Chosen for what, you might ask… well I’m now a signature designer for Blossom Bucket and I’m thrilled beyond belief.  This is a new area for me since my items...

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Featured Artist ~ Anabelle O’Malley

Feb 16, 2012

One thing that is so fun and exciting is seeing how others use my Antiquated Collection stamp sets. Each month I’ve asked a few people I know in the crafting industry to create anything they wish using my stamps, all I ask is they stay true to their style. When I asked Anabelle  O’Malley if she would be a featured artist I was thrilled she said yes. Just look at what she created using the Perfumery and Fine and Dandy Stamp Sets. The color scheme of her “Feel Better” card is gorgeous. I’m such a cream color kinda girl and when it is a cream tone on tone color scheme… gosh, I love it even more. And if you add rhinestones and glitter on top of that… well it’s serious love. Anabelle’s “Happy Anniversary”...

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2012

This sweet Valentine’s Day card was created and sent to me from my Aunt Linda. I was so surprised when I opened the envelope as I don’t think I have one item from her that is handmade, so this is a true treasure. Aunt Linda retired a few years ago and lives in Florida where she fills her days with family, friends and GRANDKIDS, gosh does she ever have fun with her grandkids. But NOW it looks like some of her time is filled creating cards and I must say her choice in stamps is fabulous. And it really made me happy to see she even used GLITTER. Thank you, Aunt Linda. I love you. I hope your day is filled with love....

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Feb 13, 2012

You need to check out the latest Maya Road Designer’s Challenge Inspiration Book. Click HERE and you will see some really super cute tags that several of the Maya Road design team members created, after Caroline gave us a 7 product challenge. And I have to show you this super cute necklace Shelley Haganman sent me for my birthday. She makes the cutest flair buttons. The flair buttons for the necklace are magnetic so I can put which ever button I feel like wearing at the moment. And I must say I do think it is all about keeping calm and glittering on. I find the glitter part easier than the calm part though… gotta be honest. If you’re not familiar with Shelley’s etsy store “A Flair for Buttons” you really need to take...

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Ranger Designer Challenge 2012

Feb 10, 2012

As I mentioned in this blog POST… I was so happy to be asked to participate in this year’s Designer Challenge for Ranger. Well if you want to see all the amazing altered dress forms you need to make sure you check out Ranger’s blog. Below are the links for the blog posts for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3… you can see day 4 HERE. Day 1,    Day 2,    Day 3 I tell ya there were some amazing altered dress forms created for this challenge. All are so unique and really do reflect each designers style. Each and everyone is so inspiring. And I have some winners to announce from THIS blog post and THIS blog post. The winner of the make n take is Pam February 7, 2012 ~...

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Deadline is Coming Up FAST!

Feb 9, 2012

I’m so looking forward to attending this retreat with these awesome ladies (Debby, Laura & Stacey) in Lake Como, this September. Tammy had to work the Sizzix booth so she missed getting into the photo. And since the deadline for this amazing retreat is quickly approaching Laura asked us to pass along this info. Are you ready for an UNFORGETTABLE Experience? Would you like time away to RELAX & ENJOY beautiful Italy? Do you love to CREATE and be INSPIRED? How about combining ALL THE THINGS into a WONDERFUL week of PURE ENJOYMENT! Well, “A Kiss on the Chic” is going to Bellagio, Italy and we want YOU to JOIN US!!!! Yes, we are going to have a WEEK LONG event THIS September 15th~22nd, 2012 on the beautiful shores of Lake Como, Italy! This...

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Upcoming Creative Weekend

Feb 8, 2012

I will be going to my Happy Place, The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, for a fun filled creative weekend, the last weekend in February. My second book “Delight In The Seasons” debuted at CHA and I want to show off my beautiful new vintage inspired, stamp line, Antiquated Collection by Lisa M. Pace. Carolyn is going to help me start the weekend off Friday night, February 24th from 6-7pm for a booking signing followed with a fun make-n-take using my new stamps. If you have my first book “Delight In The Details” feel free to bring it along too and I will gladly sign it for you. And just so you know Carolyn will have both books and all the stamps from Antiquated Collection for sale in her store. I will be leaving samples created with...

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Make n Take Giveaway

Feb 7, 2012

The last day of CHA-W, I showed lots of people how to create this super cute flower pin. You use about 12″ of Maya Road Satin Pleat Trim, 12″ of Maya Road Pleated Tulle and a Maya Road Antique Jewel Button for the center. To create the flower all you do is attach the pleated tulle on top of the satin pleat using Fabri-Tac adhesive at the sewn edge of each piece of trim. Then starting at one end  loosely begin rolling the two trims until you get to the opposite end. Next, apply Fabri-Tac to a punched patterned paper circle and attach the bottom end (sewn edging) of the rolled trims to the punched circle, let the trims spread out a bit to resemble a rose. Then using a hot glue gun, attach...

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Flower Wall

Feb 6, 2012

Since I passed out each night before getting a blog post completed during CHA, I thought it would still be fun to tell you about the show and share photos. While we were getting the booth ready for day one, Emily Pitts was given the task of assembling a wall of flowers on the end of one of the display walls. She worked and worked and worked attaching small pieces of Velcro to the back of zipper flowers, ribbon blossoms and other small handmade flowers created from lots of Maya Road trims. This floral arrangement was very popular and photographed many times during the show. Here is Emily hard at work arranging each handmade flower along the wall. Maya Road Wood Mini Butterflies were placed among the flowers to look as though they were fluttering...

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The Oh So Non-Glamorous Side of CHA

Feb 5, 2012

I thought I would share with you some of the photos Caroline, David and I took while we were all setting up the Maya Road booth for CHA-W. It’s amazing how it takes 2 days to set up and only 5 hours and 20 minutes to break it all down, re-pack panels, shelves, signs and product as well as repack all the design team projects and get everything back in the crates ready to ship back to the warehouse. It’s crazy!!!  First you start with a few handfuls of these and a nice cold Diet Coke Then we start putting down the flooring (Ronda, Laura & Emily)  After the flooring is down we start building the walls (Ronda, Laura & David)  While putting up the walls we dodge forklifts and trees (not kidding the...

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Maya Road DT Member Canvases

Feb 4, 2012

I always find it fun to see what members of the Maya Road Design Team create when given the same challenge. Each CHA-W Caroline gives the DT members a blank canvas and tells us to alter it as we want, she only requires that we stay true to our style and include any Maya Road products we want… it is such a fun challenge. During CHA I took photos of each  DT member’s canvas so I could share… I hope you’re ready for some amazing inspiration because this post is filled with LOTS! Andrea Wiebe Angella Peardon  Anne Jo Lexander also known as Ania Caroline Lau Dina Wakley Emily Pitts Julia Stainton Karen Grunberg Linda Albrecht Lisa Pace that’s Me Ronda Palazzari Shelley Haganman  I wasn’t kidding when I said loads of inspiration. I...

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Coming out of my CHA fog

Feb 3, 2012

I have to say, this has been the most exhausting CHA I’ve ever attended. I had the best of intentions to post each evening I got back to my room about the days happening but each night, I was in bed asleep 30 minutes after I returned to my room. It was go, go, go, go every second of every day. And I have the aching feet to prove it. My goodness my feet have never hurt so much. But my book signings and demo were great, the Maya Road make-n-take table was super busy and super popular, people I chatted with about my stamp sets liked seeing the Antiquated Collection Stamp line up close and in person and I just might have a really cool venture to share in the months to come…...

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