Year in Review… Techniques

Jan 3, 2012

One of the new tech­niques I tried and LOVED was play­ing with Julie Fei-Fan Balz­er’s sten­cils she designed for The Crafter’s Work­shop. When I sat down at her make-n-take table at CHA sum­mer I was a bit wor­ried as I don’t do messy very well. I nev­er have liked being messy for as long as I can remem­ber and I can remem­ber back to being around 2 1/2 to 3 years of age. So the thought of get­ting ink, mist, paint, mod­el­ing paste and glazes all over my hands kin­da freaked me out. But I took the leap to the dark side as Julie said and I have to admit I LOVED it!

Here is the proof I did get messy… not as messy as Julie gets but messy is messy whether it’s only your fin­gers or your entire hand.

Pho­to Cour­tesy of Ron­da Palaz­zari

This is the tag I cre­at­ed at Julie’s table… mist, glazes, inks, mod­el­ing paste, paint and loads of oth­er things she had on the table. I had nev­er made such a mess and had so much fun ever.

When I got home I kept play­ing and cre­at­ed artist trad­ing cards with the Damask and Rain sten­cils, a mini can­vas using the Damask and had fun mak­ing a larg­er can­vas using the Sum­mer sten­cil.

So as you can see these projects were way far from vin­tage and way out of my com­fort zone. But it was fun to push myself cre­ative­ly and learn some new tech­niques. Do you have any new tech­niques you want to try this year? I high­ly sug­gest get­ting messy with sten­cils. It’s fun!


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