Celebrating 45 Years…

Jan 25, 2012

Fiskars is celebrating 45 years of making their awesome Orange Handled Scissors. I cannot remember our house not having a pair of Fiskars scissors in it while growing up. And I can honestly say they are still my all time favorite scissors. I create with several different styles Original Orange Handled 8″, Micro Tip Comfort Grip #5, Micro Tip #5 and Non-Stick Fashion Detail #5 but the pair I seem to wear out the most are the Micro Tip #5 pair. I use these every single day as they fit perfectly in my hand and cut so precisely.

To help Fiskars celebrate the 45th anniversary of their iconic Orange-Handled Scissors, check out their page on facebook . This celebration is going to be a fun-filled 45-day countdown leading up to the first day of National Craft Month on March 1. Like them on Facebook to join the celebration and check out all the contests, prizes, fun facts, artist features and more.

AND Fiskars was generous enough to give me a pair of their awesome scissors to giveaway so, if you want a chance to win a pair just leave me a comment telling me about your favorite Orange Handled Scissors.

And now for a Maya Road sneak peek. When I found out Maya Road was releasing an Alterable Coin Purse it instantly brought me back to when I was little sitting on my grandmother’s lap opening and closing her coin purse. This photo of the two of us was taken in 1966 and I remember this day like it was yesterday. I thought her coin purse was the best thing ever. And if I’m real quite and still I can hear the click it made each time it opened and closed.

And one new flower Maya Road is releasing the I am super excited about are the new Linen Burlap Roses. The contrast between the burlap and the vintage doily on the coin purse looks amazing. You will see me using this combination more often for sure. I really like it.

Okay, it’s time for me to start packing or at least getting all the piles I have of things to bring in one spot… copies of Delight In The Seasons, last minute projects, small handmade gifts, tags to hand out stamped with an Antiquated Collection Society Lady image, business cards (cannot forget the business cards), then I have the what clothes to bring… good thing I keep it simple there… jeans and t-shirts. I’m all for comfy. Actually I’m worse than a 2 year old when it comes to anything pulling on me. I cannot stand that for one second.

Nearly CHA bound and can’t wait!


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  • santa

    Damn your cute.

  • Patti

    I love all my fiskars scissors but my favorite pair have to be the ones I got in San Antonio not only did I get them but I got to meet you! Good luck at CHA and I keep looking for your book in the stores by me, can’t wait to find it.

  • Aunt Brenda

    Yes, you are cute but, oh, so serious!

  • conniemelancon

    My favorite is my orange/green handled scissors with my fiskar # engraved on them. I still have my burlap bag they came in and also put them back in there when finish cutting with them! Love the coin purse too.

  • LoriC

    I remember when my Aunt was teaching me how to sew, she had a pair of the “orange handled” scissors. She taught me not to use them for anything but fabric. It was my 13th birthday and I had asked for a pair of the “orange handled” scissors. To my disappointment when I opened the present, they weren’t the “orange handled” scissors, they were yellow and another brand. Granted they were good scissors and I still have them, but they never were the “orange handled” scissors. Fast forward 30 years, when I reach for my fabric scissors, I think of this story. Every cutting tool or smaller scissors I use today are Fiskars, but I have never purchased a large pair of “orange handled” scissors to replace my “yellow handled scissors”. Maybe because I don’t want to forget this wonderful memory of my Aunt teaching me to sew, but deep down I have always wanted a pair.

  • Tiffani

    I have similar memories of the orange handled scissors at our house growing up. They were just for fabric. One day I was given my own pair! Great tool!

  • Robyn Lynn

    Remember when there was only one or two scissors to choose from? Ahhh…simplicity! But,I do like the new colors & designs they come in now-a-days – very pretty.

  • Nancy Kisiel

    Fiskars were the first pair of scissors that I purchased when I established my own home and I have never been without a pair in my home since.

  • Johanne L.

    Love that picture of you and your grandmother. And I love the color orange. I would love to win those scissors because the pair I have at home doesnt cut anything. I know the Fiskars ones are the best.. Thanks for the chance.

  • Hi Lisa

    Just got my Delight in the Seasons and wanted to tell you how much I’m loving it. I’m not reading it all at once though – I’m giving myself a chapter a night:)

    Let’s see I have (3) pair of the small non-stick fiskars on my studio table as write this and would have to say that they are y fav’s for crafting just becuas of the non-stick factor. But i do love my large pair for fabric. No one and I mean no one better touch my fiskars:)


  • Jacquelene L.

    My favourite orange handled scissors are my little micro-tip ones. One time when they went missing, I quickly went out and purchased another pair. They snip little details the best of all. If I were going to a remote island I would have to take these with me!!! I didn’t grow up with fiskars at my house, they have lived in my home since 2003. Thank you for sharing the story of the change purse with your grandma I really like the idea of the alterable change purse. That click of a change purse is so satisfying a sound.

  • Yep – Fiskars have always been “The Good Scissors” at my house :)

  • Kate

    I, unfortunatly ,do not own a good pair of scissors. Right now I have a large and small pair of grey handled scissors by Wescott by I sure would love to get a pair that is non-stick and durable. I seem to replace my scissors every year. Your change purse is gorgeous…love that flower.

  • Sue A

    My favorite Fiskars scissors are the 5″ micro tip scissors. My mother-in law gave them to me for Christmas one year. She did a lot of crafting and thought I needed a pair of these great scissors. That was probably 25 years ago. They are still sharp and going strong. I use them for small detailed cutting. Thanks for the chance to win a pair!

  • Roxanne Allen

    I love the pleated tulle! So many ways to use. I so need a pair of scissors for cutting ribbon and fabric! The 5″ Fiskars look like a perfect option! Beautiful flowers!

  • Donna Shaner

    Love all my Fiskars products. I just replaced my old pinking shears with a pair of Fiskars brand. You always know what you are getting with Fiskars-a dependable, lasting product!

  • Cindy Leaf

    With out a doubt the mini organza rose ribbon, you can use it on about anything and you can you just one if you want, or you can use as long as you want. The colors are also wonderful!!

  • Cindi

    45 years of Fiskars! How amazing and what we would do without
    their great cutting ability?!
    Your pictures are adorable…
    Thanks, Cindi

  • Pam

    We always had those orange handled scissors in my house when I was growing up, too. My mother would never let us use them because they were for sewing only. Of course, eventually, she taught each of us to sew, and then we could finally use those special scissors. I have my own pair with my sewing now. I also only buy Fiskars cutting tools. The best!!!

  • Cindy Leaf

    i got mixed up and put my favorite Maya Road ribbons and trims in my comment above. That will happen when you get over that number 50, but anyways, I know this is terrible but I really don’t have a great pair of scissors because my kids and husband manage to find them and trim bushes, cut wire, etc – you get it. I would love to have these – I will sit all of my family down and tell them if they touch these scissors I will take away their phones, I mean third hand, no the phones that they never let go of.

  • Susan Stimson

    Love the orange It’s hard to remember when we didn’t have it!

  • SuZeQ

    I’m a Fiskar’s fan, too. There are several orange-handled scissors in our home but my favorite pair is your fave, too. LOVE them!

  • I’ve had my orange Fiskars sewing scissors forever and they are still awesome. Have no idea what style number they are! These micro scissors look fantastic. If I don’t win, I might have to go buy them.

  • Rhonda

    All my orange handeled scissors are off limits to everyone except me in my house hold…..back away…. back away….