Dec 15, 2011

One thing I love to do is look in the $1 sec­tion at Tar­get, in Thrift Stores or in the clear­ance aisle for sil­i­cone bak­ing molds. I like to use them to cre­ate hol­i­day and sea­son­al Ultra Thick Emboss­ing Enam­el (UTEE) embell­ish­ments and small projects. Well, the oth­er day I scored big time in the $1 sec­tion at Tar­get. They had these super cute cup­cake (Christ­mas Tree, Snowflake and Gin­ger­bread Man) sil­i­cone molds. I grabbed them like they were gold and could not wait to get home and start play­ing.

To make these soon to be orna­ments all you need to do is melt clear UTEE as instruct­ed on the UTEE Melt­ing Pot. Make sure you have the Melt­ing Pot on a Non-Stick Craft Sheet and remem­ber UTEE and the Melt­ing Pot are HOT HOT HOT. As the UTEE melts it will turn a gor­geous amber hue which is per­fect for a vin­tage girl like myself. Once the UTEE has com­plete­ly melt­ed care­ful­ly pour the UTEE into the sil­i­cone mold to about the 1/4 way mark on the sil­i­cone mold. If you want yours thick­er pour in more UTEE if you want it thin­ner pour in less. This is real­ly a per­son­al pref­er­ence. Just remem­ber, the thick­er it is the longer it takes to hard­en. Let the UTEE in the mold cool com­plete­ly then just pop the hard­ened UTEE piece out.

Once the UTEE pieces were cooled I placed vin­tage book pages or sheet music on the back of each one. First, I traced the item onto the vin­tage paper with a pen­cil, cut out the traced shape, applied Glossy Accents to the back of the UTEE piece then attached the vin­tage paper over the Glossy Accents and smoothed the back to make sure all the air bub­bles were removed. After the Glossy Accents dried I then accent­ed the Snowflake using Dia­mond Stick­les and the Gin­ger­bread Man using Jen­ni Bowl­in’s Acrylic Paint Dab­bers in Malt­ed Milk, Chili Pow­der and Seed Pack­et. I then accent­ed over the paint­ed areas using Dia­mond Stick­les.

So make sure when you’re out and about you’re on the look out for cute cup­cake and ice cube sil­i­cone molds because they are per­fect for UTEE. These can be turned into hol­i­day mag­nets, orna­ments, used as place cards for your hol­i­day table set­ting, placed among gar­land or hung on the tree. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less. Just have fun!

Warmest Hugs!

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