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Dec 27, 2011

The day I became an aunt was such an amaz­ing day. My sweet niece Aman­da was the first to come along and make me an aunt. She would come and stay with me and Alan for two weeks, each sum­mer. I would sit out­side on the patio and watch her as she poured water from a lit­tle pitch­er to a cup for HOURS straight or watch her play dress up, then as she got old­er show her how to put on make up and sur­prise her at a foot­ball game when she was cheer­ing as well as many oth­er spe­cial moments. Each time we were togeth­er we watched or talked about the movie Cin­derel­la. We’ve watched it so many times I can hon­est­ly say, I lost count. But since it is my favorite movie ever to watch even to this day, I nev­er thought twice about watch­ing it over and over and over again while Aman­da was either on my lap or at my side.

Well that sweet lit­tle girl is now 20 years old, in col­lege to become a teacher and gave me this gor­geous glit­ter accent­ed “Cin­derel­la’s Car­riage” glass orna­ment for Christ­mas. I had to hold back tears when I opened her gift. I was tru­ly touched and so hap­py to know we still share in our love of Cin­derel­la.

Mem­o­rable Hugs!

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