Growing up with Santa

Dec 19, 2011

No mat­ter how old San­ta’s grand­kids are they’re nev­er too old to have a pho­to tak­en with San­ta. This year, Laren (SIL) and Ter­ri my old­est daugh­ter went to Beau­mont for Thanks­giv­ing. This meant they were able to get their pho­to tak­en with San­ta. It’s been sev­er­al years since they’ve been able to make it down for the hol­i­days and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were very hap­py to see them.

This pho­to is of San­ta and my sis­ter Belin­da’s kids… from left to right is my adorable nephew Brit­tain (poor boy he is the ONLY boy out of 6 grand­kids), Isabel­la, Paw Paw San­ta, Made­lyn hold­ing Grand-Dog Zeus and niece Aman­da. Believe it or not this pho­to was the first one they took! Talk about a Christ­mas mir­a­cle. Even Zeusy was good and looked at the cam­era.

I was so bummed we weren’t able to make it down this hol­i­day sea­son. Ans­ley was the only grand­kid that was­n’t able to get her pho­to tak­en with San­ta. Work­ing at Hall­mark dur­ing the hol­i­days means no time off and lots of over­time. But I am count­ing down the days until mom and dad arrive Christ­mas day. It was such a won­der­ful sur­prise when they told me they were com­ing. This was going to be the first year in all my 46 years to not be with my mom and dad Christ­mas day. So glad this record is not going to be bro­ken.

This year, dad start­ed writ­ing down some of the mem­o­rable moments he has had as San­ta’s helper, dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son. I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you this week and this one tru­ly touch­es my heart.

One evening, a young lady in a wheel­chair about 5 years old comes down for a vis­it with San­ta. When she gets about 10 feet away and hold­ing mom’s hand, she walks to San­ta. This lit­tle girl has cere­bral pal­sy and the walk was quite dif­fi­cult but she was deter­mined to walk down for her vis­it. With a lit­tle bit of help from San­ta she gets up on his lap and mom says, “She can’t smile for the pic­ture but that’s OK. The mus­cles in her face are start­ing to weak­en.” San­ta talks for a bit with the lit­tle girl and they pose for their pic­ture. Well, San­ta tick­led her on the ribs and said, “CHEESE.” The lit­tle girl made such an effort that a grin appeared on her face, enough so that mom and dad’s face had a great big smile too. They were so hap­py as it was one of the best smiles she had made in a long time.  Well, as you can imag­ine this made San­ta’s day. Moments like these are the kind that fills your heart with joy but tears come to your eyes when the child leaves out of sight.

I need to find a pub­lish­er… the sto­ries San­ta has are so won­der­ful and uplift­ing and I think it would make a won­der­ful lit­tle book. I’m going to put this on my list of things to do.

Sweet­est of hol­i­day Hugs!


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