The Creative Process

Oct 26, 2011

I’m often asked how I come up with my ideas and how I cre­ate… so today’s post will give you a lit­tle insight into my cre­ative mad­ness. LOL, I real­ly do tor­ture myself and I’m not kid­ding.

First, I get an idea which usu­al­ly comes to me at night when in bed. My brain starts to unwind because I’m always wound up like an 8 day clock. It is then that all the ideas start creep­ing in my head and I take notes.

The oth­er night a mini album idea popped into my head for Hal­loween. I have some of the new super awe­some JBS Hal­loween line and embell­ish­ments that I have real­ly been want­i­ng to use but could not come up with an idea that I real­ly liked. I was think­ing about all the unused album pages I have from pre­vi­ous projects and an idea instant­ly popped into my head to cre­ate a mixed matched album using left over pages that would work per­fect­ly for pump­kin patch or Hal­loween pho­tos.

I start by gath­er­ing all the pages and place each page as I think I will like the album to look when opened and closed. I end up mov­ing things over and over until I like the arrange­ment. So make note what you see here might not be what you see in the end.

Now that I have all the pages arranged as I like, I begin cov­er­ing the base of each page with pat­terned paper. Then I start pulling out all the inks, paint, mists and glit­ter and being alter­ing the embell­ish­ments. I plan on post­ing the progress of this album if you want to fol­low along and cre­ate your own.

Please Note: I’m a Maya Road hoard­er so some of these items might not be avail­able (House and Hor­i­zon­tal pages) but don’t let this dis­cour­age you, be cre­ative and use what you already have on hand in your stash. I’m sure you have items that will be a great sub­sti­tute.

Sup­plies Used: Maya Road: Pump­kin Coast­er, Leaf Coast­er, Autumn Mini Chip­board Set,  Wavy Lay­er­able Chip­board Ban­ner



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